I'm Fierce; The Movement

... Chapters one and two are out!


2. Alex's P.O.V

I walked out of the bathroom to see Defiant. Her eyes didn't have the shine it used to have, it was more dull now. I smiled and grabbed some jeans and a red shirt. I walked back into the bathroom and saw a knife with blood on it. It was hidden behind the toilet. I knew Defiant is cutting herself. I try to stop her by taking away the knife but she always has another one. She's been cutting her self ever since she has been getting bullied. She hates to attempt it tho. I heard her yell, "hurry up! My brush and make up is in there!"

I put on my clothes then walk out smiling trying hard to not show how disappointed I am of Defiant. She was standing right outside of the bathroom, "It's all yours beautiful," I say then I walk over to the couch and turn on the tv, "What did you do to it?" She asked forcefully, " Nothing. I'm just happy! I have a date tonight!" I said. Because I really do have an date tonight and I can't wait. Her name is Jaclyn Haf. I'm in theater with her and we get along so much.

Defiant closed the door behind her. I turned off the tv and listened to her. I can hear her crying from cutting herself. I storm in and what do I see? Her cutting herself, "DEFIANT STOP!!" I yell demanding. There was blood down her wrist and hand. Her eyes full if tears and the knife in her hand. She was holding a tight gripped with it. I took the knife away from her hand and I held her. Her tears dropped onto my shirt and the blood was dripping everywhere. "I hate my life.." She whispered in my ear, "No you don't! You just.. You just.." I couldn't finish my sentence with out a year coming down my cheek, "here sit down on the toilet seat," I said as I lift her on the toilet seat. I go under the sink and saw a package of bandages, "How many cuts?" I asked. I looked up and she said, "Seven. Seven cuts." She looked me straight in the eye, but I couldn't back. Once she saw I looked down she looked down too. I grabbed seven bandages and I put them on her seven cuts. Our parents don't know that she is cutting herself, I don't expect them to find out. They work 24/7, So I take care of Julia and Defiant.

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