I. Cant. Change.

This is a story about a boy named Castin, and how he learns to accept himself. This is his story of coming out. (BoyxBoy


2. Chapter 1

After that play until I was eleven, I've suppressed and pushed that memory out of my thoughts but it finally broke its way through on my first day of Junior High. I remember feeling awkward and odd because I didn't have any classes with any of my old friends from elementary, and It got even more awkward when I had to go to gym. I remember walking into the locker room and the first thing I saw were two men standing on opposite sides of a white board and a several rows of benches a few feet away from it with several boys sitting on them. I quickly walked over and sat down on the end of one.

Once everyone filled in and the bell rang signaling that class started. The short and chubby one on the left started talking in a monotone explaining the rules and consequences if you didn't follow them. After he finished the tall muscular one motioned to follow him and I saw everyone stand up so I quickly followed suit.

We branched into a room to his right and when I got through the thin metal doors separating it from the other one, everyone walked into the center of the tan tiled room with shower heads lining the walls.

"This is where you take showers", he stated and quickly continued on all the safety rules for the shower room while I nervously glanced around at everyone while they all seemed at ease.

This is going to be a long year.

A/N: This is just another one of his memories. Sorry it's short, inbox me if I have any grammatical errors; or tell me if you have any requests


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