Story of my Life

I know you read 1D stories everyday on "Movellas" about people falling in love with 1D and meeting them, but this story is...a little different. It's about a RANDOM girl meeting Harry. Then, from there she meets the rest of 1D, and decides she wants to give them ALL a chance of dating, who will she choose? Or will she choose at all?


2. The 'Preperation'

"Okay...I got your number. We're good. So about I call you at say 6:00p.m. Then come and pick you up for our date!?" Said Harry...looking at me like I was the most beautiful woman ever. "Uh...okay." I said nervously. "Alright, I'll be at your house at 6:30p.m. "Okay, I'll see you later!" I replied.

After I finished shopping at the mall, I went home and decided to get dressed. "Hey honey. How was the mall?" My mom asked, flashing me her white teeth. "Great mom! I even got asked out on a date!" I said cheerfully. "Oh really honey!? Well that's great!" And that was it. She didn't even ask who I was going with or anything. "Alright, well I'm going to get dressed. Tell me when Harry comes!" I said. "Okay honey, now go get ready, I have I special surprise for you when you're ready!" "Okay." I replied.

I went up to my room to get dressed, and as I entered my room, I realized that my room was still that ugly purple that I used to paint my room last week. "Wow, I still can't get used to that color, oh well...I'll paint it later!" I thought to myself. Anyways, I went to my closet and picked out the cutest clothes in there, since this was my first date in a year. I picked out a cute summer dress that was white and pink with LOTS of orange flowers. I know it sounds ugly, but trust me it's cute. Now the shoes. I picked out some orange flats that I got for my birthday last year, because...after all orange was my favorite color!

Okay guys... I know I'm kind of dragging, but don't worry, the next chapter is 'The Date' and it WILL be interesting! So hang in PLEASE comment and tell me if you want an update, because trust me...if you do, then I have a lot of ideas in mind!

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