Story of my Life

I know you read 1D stories everyday on "Movellas" about people falling in love with 1D and meeting them, but this story is...a little different. It's about a RANDOM girl meeting Harry. Then, from there she meets the rest of 1D, and decides she wants to give them ALL a chance of dating, who will she choose? Or will she choose at all?


1. Is that Harry?

Everybody reading this book is probably a 'Directioner', so I'm gonna tell you guys are gonna fall in love with this book. You will, and you are gonna think that you have this book figured out, but trust don't! There are twists and turns and shocks throughout this book, so be prepared for anything! Enjoy!! ;)

I was sitting there...all alone, and laughing at what I had just pulled off. I didn't get caught, but I was about to...if I didn't run. Now is my chance, GO!

Now, you are probably wondering what I did, and why I'm laughing, but we'll get to that in a moment. For now, sit back, relax and listen.

I was in the mall minding my business, shopping for a nice, summer outfit for vacation. Until...I saw...HIM!!!

Harry Styles!!!! OMG!!!!

When I saw Harry, I knew the others were close by, but I couldn't find them, I finally gained the courage to go up to Harry.

"Uh...Harry? Harry Styles?"

I whispered, so nobody else could hear me- that would just draw attention, and ruin the whole purpose of him trying to stay undercover.

"'d you know!!?" He whispered worriedly.

" aren't the best at trying to hide." I replied.

"Okay, but just...don't tell anyone...okay!!" Said Harry.

As I walked off and proceeded shopping I heard a 'psst', and as I looked around, I noticed that Harry was motioning for me to come towards him. I did so, and as I got there Harry asked "So, uhh...I never got your name. You mind telling me what it is?"

"Uhh...why?" I asked. Wondering why he even asked me that, I mean...I'm a nobody that he met at the mall!

"Because I need it, so that I can insert it in my contacts while I get your number." Said Harry with a devious smile.

"Haha, okay. It's Nicole...Nicole Anderson." I said with a smile.

Okay Guys...since this is my first Movella, I am kind of nervous, but I'm going to publish this ANYWAYS!!! So comment and tell me how you like it so far, and tell me if you want an update!! And yes, my chapters are going to be small, some big, and some I'm between, so please stay with meh!!! Haha!

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