New movella

This is a fan fiction about George from Union j and a girl called rebecca they meet in a coffee shop

Will they fall in love ?


1. George

Hi I'm rebecca cook and I'm 19 turning twenty in 2 days and this is my story:)

Rebecca! shouted my mum yes mum i said can you go to the coffee shop for me please she asked me yea I'll go in a minute I said back no now my mum shouted ok fine I shouted back to her.

*at the coffee shop*

Oh sorry a boy said he looked up at me his eyes were beautiful my names Rebecca I said shyly My names George said the boy hey do you want a coffee he said to me ok George I said I just loved his eyes.

Here's my number said George giving me the piece of paper thanks George I said I have to go now bye I said to George bye Rebecca he said I called George and he answered the phone hey George it's Rebecca hey rebecca how are you he asked me I'm fine you I said back to him I good he said then i said something really embarrassing I was thinking out loud again damm it George said to me you like my eyes yea kinda I said aww he said.

*next day*

To George hey George wanna hang out to day xx from rebecca

To rebecca yea sure xx from George

To George ok I'll see you at 11 at the coffee shop xx from rebecca

To rebecca ok see you there xx

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