My Story

this is a place where you can follow my progress with my feelings and most of all my eating disorder.
Love Cecilie or Cece


6. Chapter 6

8th of january 

Today, I was sick. So I had to  lay in bed all day and of course the people who should come and give me food, forgot to come up here with some food to me. But it's alright at that time i wasnt hungry so i didnt really think about it. Then i fell asleep again and woke up at 1 pm  and couldnt sleep more, so i started my computer and laid there, just reading and stuff on it. I even did my homework XD. 

But then the evening stroke, and we had alot of guests here, because we had to "sell" OUR school for the next years students. UGGHHH I'm gonna miss this place so much. 
Sometimes I just wanna get home but then once I've  been home for the weekend I just wanna ge taway from there. My sisters did turn really annoying this past year :c Help needed... 
Well then  we had to perform and i had to  dance and while I danced i got a visit by the red Russian as some will call it I dont know why though. No offence to the Russians I love you dont get me wrong. Then I felt sick and went to my room. 
My bestfriend and I started writing Oh God  I missed him soooo much. That you cant imagine it. It's been a long time since I spoke with him last time :'( 

I dont know why we lost contact but then we started talking about our other friend. I wont say his name but he has been flirting with me and I didnt notice before some guy told me, he liked me. But I asked my best friend if it was that Obvious and even he knew about it :c Stupid me uggh...
I felt so dumb at that moment, because I've actually liked that guy for a while but never thought he saw me as more than a bestie. Well he did and now he's acting strange.
I'm trying to give him some time for himself, because I have to focus in my weight or I might now be able to dance anymore :(   


Goodnight my lovely readers I have alot of school tomorrow so I have to sleep but remember " If you can't love yourself then how can you expect others to  love you?"


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