My Story

this is a place where you can follow my progress with my feelings and most of all my eating disorder.
Love Cecilie or Cece


4. Chapter 4


 28/29th of December 2013


Today has been awful, I don't know where to start.
Well i was woken up by my mum, then i skipped breakfast. Yeah it's easier at home trust me...

Then I started cleaning my room and balsted Salute by Little  mix which i got the album Yesterday. 
Little me came on and I brokw into tears because i used to be that girl with no voice to be heard. It got me thinking that all about that all of the guys i'm friends with is gay. They always tells me that i'm beautiful, but it would actually be nice if a straight guy would tell me it even though i know its never gonna happen. Because i'm not! I mean just look at me, i'm to tall and to fat and then i've got these ugly glasses of mine. uggh why do i have to be me?

Well  if i wasnt who would? that's the question.

Then Lunch came up my mum came up with some fruit because i was still cleaning my room. i decided that i didn't have the time for that. i know its stupid but i felt like if i took a break i would just get lazy and stop cleaning. well after an extra hour of cleaning we had to go shopping for new years , my mum got me 5 bottles of alcohol. three breezers and two bottles of tempt. Like i'm ever gonna drink it all. haha  what ever but we did buy an karoke machine :D i love to sing and perform but i'm never gonna be famous and never gonna marry Ed sheeran or Niall horan. 

When we got back i was so tired and slept until 20.45 and the others had their dinner at 18.00 pm So i slept over dinner.

All my love i'll give you if you'd like it

Goodnight my babes 




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