Lost In The Snow

Tara Drift and Gabriel Hunter are both out of a hike together through the snow with their school group whn they get separated from the group. With just the two of them to fend for themselves they must save resources, fend for themselves, keep warm, look after one another, and most importantly, survive!

Will they ever find there group again? Will this stoy end in happiness and love, of end in with a sad loss?


11. Falling In Love

Gabriel took one more night to fully recover. The two friends spent one last night in the

cabin. Gabriel nervously said "you didn't hear what I said before that bear came did you?"

Tara said with interest "no, what did you say?" Gabriel sighed with releif saying "oh

good". Tara began to wonder so she said "what did you say?" Gabriel awkwardly said "don't

worry. I'm going to go toilet quickly". Gabriel rushed out of the cabin for some air. He

came across some mistletoe, so he picked it, and hid it in his coat pocket. He then headed

quickly back to the cabin, as it was dangerous at night to be out in thd open. Especially

with bears and puma's lurking the woods.


When Gabriel returned Tara began to badger him for answers. "So... What is it that you

said? Your acting very strange lately". Gabriel said as confidently as he could "there's

something I've been meaning to tell you for a very long time". Tara said with interest

"what is it. You know you can tell me anything. I'm your best friend after all". Gabriel

said "that's the thing". Tara said with a puzzled expression "what is?" Gabriel said calmly

"I want us to be more than best friends". Tara blushed as she nervously said "what do you

mean?" Deep down she knew exactly what she meant. She just couldn't brimg herself to say

the words.


Gabriel took a deep breath and said slowly "Tara, I am in love with you. I have been for a

very long time. You are the reason I wake in the morning, your the one thing I dream about

when I go to sleep. I have wanted to tell you how I feel about you for a very long time,

but feared you may not feel the same way about me. I was afraid my love for you would make

things awkward between us, and break up our friendship. I hopd you feel the way I do".

Gabriel breathed heavily after his long awkward speech. Tara did did not blush again.

Instead she just sat silently, and began to smile. She said softly "I feel the same way.

You have no idea how long I have waited to hear you say that.


The two lovers hugged, as Gabriel sneakily got the mistletoe out from inside his pocket,

and held it above Tara. Tara looked up to see the mistletoe. She once again blushed with

embaressment. Just as midnight arrived, Gabriel said "Merry Christmas". They both kissed

umderneath the mistletoe. Gabriel said cheekily "and a very merry christmas it is indeed".

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