"Just Friends"

Mackenzie Efron, sister of Zac, reunites with Justin, and everything is magic? Not quite. Read to know the story.


1. Introducing me.

Hi, I'm Makenzie. Makenzie Efron. My last name probably rings a bell to most of you. Yes that's right, my older brother is "the Zac Efron" aka pain in the ass. I am a normal girl really, I'm just sisters with Zac.

My parents died when i was just 14, Zac was 18 so I lived with him and he took care of me. My parents died on a boat, they sunk.

I'm now 16, that means Zac is 20. but you can do that math.

Because I didn't have a real mother anymore, the closest thing I have to a mother is a sweet woman names Pattie Mallette, yes Justin Bieber's mom. He's just Justin to me. Our parents were best friends. Pattie was always there for me, but I haven't seen them for a while now that Justin is on tour.

Justin is 18. He's my brothers best friend. He's one of my best friends too.

Justin is coming home this weekend for the first time in about a year! Me and Zac have everything planned out.

***Hi guys! thank you for reading so far! I hope you enjoy!! Leave me comments so I know if you like it! I love writing :)***

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