My life with Niall Horan

This girl is learning that one direction is not that bad and she also learns that she also likes Niall Horan.


3. The Night

~Nialls pov~ Niall put on a nice shirt and a nice pair of pants and walked out of his house and into his car then her texted Faith To: Faith From: Niall Hey baby I am on my way what is your address _____________________________________________________ To: Niall From: Faith 1234 Mokinggale road _________________________ To: Faith From: Niall OK cool see you ___________________ Niall puts down his phone and heads to Faiths house he pulls up an knocks on the door Faith answers it and her really quickly kisses her hungrily Niall- baby I'm feeling horny Faith- oh are you now Faith pulls him Into her room and locks the door behind her and Niall through her on her bed ad lays on top of her. Niall- you ready Faith HELL YEAH.
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