The Babysitter

Hi my name is Sophia. I´m 17 and I live with my grandmother. you´re probably wondering what happened to my parents well they died in a car crash a few months ago, you don't have to feel sorry for me I'm handling it alright, everyone in this small village is trying to make me feel better but its just making the pain worse because they are making me feel like its happening all over again and that's one of the reasons I want to leave, and go somewhere far from here to forget all the bad things that happened and leave the bad memories behind. But first I need to find a way to get some money to accomplish that..


4. Do I know you?

Justin's P.O.V :

I came to visit my dad today, I haven't seen him in a while and we are going to see a basketball game and after that I'm going to show him my new place that I bought here. I have decided to stay here so I can get a bit of my private live back, since it's such a small place my Beliebers probably won't know it. Don't get me wrong I love them, but sometimes it just gets to much and not only that I would love to see my family more, I have missed enough of my siblings live I want to see them grow up, you know?

Right now I'm on my way outside I was just checking on my siblings. My dad is waiting for me in the car, I'm about to open the door when I see this gorgeous  girl. She whispered but at the same time screamed my name she looks familiar maybe its some fan that I met at one of my meet and greets, do I know you ? I ask her..


sophia`s P.O.V

Do I know you? auch.. it felt like someone just threw a book with 900 pages at my face. Pfffttt ... Nope not at all, we only spent  12 years growing up together, but instead of saying something I just rolled my eyes and pushed him aside and walked in the house I heard jeremy talking to Justin. 


Justin's P.O.V

WTF?! Did she just role her eyes at me! She probably just didn't notice me, but how can't she notice me I am on every magazine cover! Before I could say anything, my dad told me that we have to go now if I wanted to get to the game in time.

Dad, Who was that girl? My dad laughed, but then he realized that I was serious he looked kind of shocked. That is Sophie! Did you ask her who she was? Yes but she ignored me, why? Haha AWKWARD I'm surprised she didn't slap you in the face!

We arrived at the game but I couldn't enjoy it. I was just thinking about Sophie the whole game, we were 12 the last time I saw her, why do they expect me to recognize her, she used to be a tomboy with mud on her face half of the time, but now... she has turned into this beautiful girl.









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