The Wall of Pictures

Doctor Who Fanfic. Had to write to get this off of my mind.


2. It started with the End

It all started with the end. The end of my friend's life.


 See, I used to dance with my friend. When we were super little. It was one of those things Moms put their little girls into. Her name was Juliette Rouletta. We would call her Rushin' Roullette, first of all because she was Russian. Second, she was extremely unpredictable-- just like the game (but, in a good way), and third of all, she was always in a hurry. She was my only friend there.Well, to say the least, Rushin' Roulette was in too much of a hurry that night. She ended up "pulling the trigger" on herself, if you get the gist of what I'm trying to say. She died in a car crash and my only friendship was lost in the burning gasoline flames. As nice and as social as she was, her only true friendship was the one I shared with her. At her school memorial, everyone was crying. But I stood there, in silence. Stood there watching as everyone in the Gym left flowers or presents of some sort by her picture. Her last smiling picture, her last attempt to look the societial definition of "pretty". The pictures I have of her from only a week before from a photo booth, when we visited the mall to buy stuff for our project, and maybe picked up some pairs of jeans that we really liked, and the Union Jack Sweater I got from the store next to the craft store. I took those pictures out of my sweater pocket. Looking at them, I returned them to where I found them and I've been carrying on with life ever since.


And now she's gone. I'm stuck here. Then he found me. He looks different than the last time I saw him. Once, I did, honest! He crossed the street and went into a Police Call Box that had vanished after one blink of the eye. The last time he was tall, looked young, and had floppy hair with a big chin to boot. He was talking about some bowtie nonsense. And now, he is so much older. You can tell that he has seen it all. That grey hair and big blue eyes. The old man within has finally come out to see the sunlight. He would probably kill me for saying this. But, I don't care. You know why? Because I have been given another friendship. And that will not be taken away from me.

Not again.

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