Escaped in L.A.

Hi, my name is Melissa. I'm a normal 16 years old girl with hard life. I have a long, curly, brown hair and blue eyes.I have my best friend Nicole, she's always next to me. She's with a long, straight blonde hair and brown eyes. I have an older brother called Meysan, Nicole have an older brother too, called Eddy.They're best friends like me and Nicole. They're both 19 years old and are the best brothers who I ever saw in my live, but our live aren't perfect. Me and Nicole had many problems in school. But one day a raffle changed our lives and we knew that nothing'll be like before...


6. Chapter 4

Melissa P.O.V.

In the morning I woke up from my phone. I had a missed call from Nicole, and a new message. It said " Hey Lis... Call me when you're awake if you wanna go to the mall... Kisses, Nicole " So I really want to go to the mall. I decided to call her and meet her there and my mom will kill me later. I dialed her number, she picked up. " Yes? " She said. " I want to check out the new mall, meet me there at 11.30 a.m. , OK? " I asked. " OK, but don't be late, you know I hate to waiting you, bye. " She closed. Okay, what's time was now? God it was 10.30. I jumped out of my bed and went to the bathroom. I toke a shower, brushed my teeth and backed to my bedroom. I choose my favourite black trousers with a nice white knitted sweater. I put on my favourite Converse's sneakers and dried my hair and let it curly. I went down and understand that my mom is still sleeping. I went out and called my bro. He answered. " Lis, sweety... What's going on? " He asked. " Nothing, Meys... I think I won't be home tonight, I say that only you, don't tell our parents... " I said and heard a sigh. " Liss, they'll get very anoyed and you know that! " He tryed to teach me again. " Don't try to teach me, Meys. I told you, because I don't want you to get uneasy about me. I'll be fine with Nicole, don't worry about us. Love you, kisses. Bye. " I clossed. He wants to back me at home, but I don't want it. I was in front of the mall at 12.05 p.m. and saw Nicole's angrily face. " You're late... AGAIN! " She shouted. An old woman looked at us and stride faster. I giggled and looked at Nicole. " Yes, I'm late again and I'm sorry. " I said. " You have to be exact, Liss. " I rolled my eyes. " I know, Nicky. I'm sorry, the next time I'll be exact, promise. Let's get in, the people get scared of you. " I laughed and she sighed. We entered into the mall and saw many people there. We decided to ask someone what's happening here. I nugged the shoulder of a woman and she turned around. " Yes? " Her voice was kind. " What's going on here? " I asked and she smiled. " Here's a raffle. It's easy - If you want to participate, you just have to go to enroll and if they downloaded yourselfs, you can go to L.A. and we don't need your parents' agree. " We open our eyes wild. " But how we're going to leave? " I asked. " If you win, we'll tell you everything. We'll downloading 5 couples. I mean, when you enroll, of course if you want, you have to enroll together. " She said. " You mean me and Nicole? " I asked and she nodded. " But that's amazing. What's your name? " Nicole asked. " Ellie, nice to meet you, girls. " She smiled. " I'm Nicole, that's Melissa. " Nicole said. " Bye for now, we're going to enroll here and win! " I said and laughed. Ellie laughed too. " I wish you succsess and I hope to see both of you soon. Bye. " We went to a desk. On the desk was an old man. " Okay, maybe you want to enroll? You just have to told me your names. " He smiled. " I'm Nicole, that's Melissa. " The old man giggled. " And the fammly. " He said. " Melissa Evanse and Nicole Anderson. " He enroll us and put our names in a big box. " That was, done. Be there to understand the winners at 04.20 p.m. OK? " He asked and we nodded. Now it was 12.45  we decided to buy some pizza. We ate it for a few minutes. We were talking, laughting and stuff. We looked at the clock and it was 04.10 p.m. and we decided to went to the place, where was the scene. Five minutes ago a young man went to the scene with the big box, then he said " It's time to pull the winners! " Now it's the moment. Now we'll understand for our life in the future. The winners...


A/N Hey guys! I'm sorry for the big late, and I hope you like the new chapter and leave coments! ♥ - Stella xoxo.

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