Escaped in L.A.

Hi, my name is Melissa. I'm a normal 16 years old girl with hard life. I have a long, curly, brown hair and blue eyes.I have my best friend Nicole, she's always next to me. She's with a long, straight blonde hair and brown eyes. I have an older brother called Meysan, Nicole have an older brother too, called Eddy.They're best friends like me and Nicole. They're both 19 years old and are the best brothers who I ever saw in my live, but our live aren't perfect. Me and Nicole had many problems in school. But one day a raffle changed our lives and we knew that nothing'll be like before...


3. Chapter 2

Melissa P.O.V.

We went to her  room and we played a movie named " Who's our father? " . We laughed and had a good time. Her parents came home. We went down to see them. " Hiii, how are you? " I asked. They smiled at me. " We're fine, thanks. Don't make bullshit. " Her mother said and warned us. We nodded and went back to her room. " So, what's the plan? " I asked. " You know... When they fall sleep, we'll out. And that's it. " She said. " Wow. That plan... So, where we're going to go? It will be too dark, you know.... " I was a bit scared. One of my cousins died before 4 years. He went to the park at 3.00 a.m. to see his girlfriend, but she wasn't came. He waited her half an hour, and a group of 5 drunk men watched at him all the time. In 4 a.m. they killed him and ran away. In the morning the police found him dead. That's the reason, to be so scared to escape when it's dark. " Liss, I know what happened before 4 years, and I understand you. But keep calm and trust me, we'll be fine. We're going to fly with a plane. " She said with a smile on her face. " What?! Are you crazy? Do you think, the flight assistant will give us to fly alone? That's impossible, forget about it! " Her plan sounds ok, but I'm 100% sure that the flight assistant won't give us to fly, alone. " I was sure in my words. " I met one of the flight assistants, she'll let us go. And we're going to say that our parents will wait us in L.A. " Wow. " L.A.?! I'll ask again... Are you normal? How we get back? No, I'm give up. " That's it. My mom will kill me, I thought we'll be in the town, just not in home.... I don't think that Nicole can invent this crazy idea. " You aren't guess! You're coming with me and that's that! " I sighed. " Ok, but what we'll do later? When our parents understand, they'll find and kill us. " She thought for a moment. " You're right, but come on! It will be fun! "  She made her dog face... " Oh, fine! " She smiled and we turned the movie on. We ate popcorn. When the film ends, we decided to check out her parents. We went to their room, they slept. We went down and go out. She called the taxi. A few minutes taxi came.and we get in. " To the airport. " I said and we driving. A quarter an hour, we were before the airport. We paid to the man and get out of the taxi and get in the airport. She took out her phone and called to the her flight assistant friend. After a short conversation, she close. " Let's go. " I nodded and we went to the flight F- O25 . On the door one woman stop us. " Where're your parents? " She asked. I knew it! " We're with Laura Clarkson. " Nicole answered her. She nodded and let us inside. We were in a first class. We sat and sighed. " Attention! Please, put your seat belts on, in a minute, we're going to fly. We wish you a nice flight. " We put the seat belts on and waited. We would fly, but it appears a big problem...


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