Escaped in L.A.

Hi, my name is Melissa. I'm a normal 16 years old girl with hard life. I have a long, curly, brown hair and blue eyes.I have my best friend Nicole, she's always next to me. She's with a long, straight blonde hair and brown eyes. I have an older brother called Meysan, Nicole have an older brother too, called Eddy.They're best friends like me and Nicole. They're both 19 years old and are the best brothers who I ever saw in my live, but our live aren't perfect. Me and Nicole had many problems in school. But one day a raffle changed our lives and we knew that nothing'll be like before...


20. Chapter 17

Melissa's P.O.V.

" What did you decide? " Harry asked. " She's big enough, to decide what to do. I won't be next to her all life. And now we're not friends, so... I'm staying. I want to make my life good, she's free to ruin her. " I said. He smiled and hugged me. " I'm glad with your decision... Hey... um... Tonight, Liam makes swimming party. You wanna come? " He asked. " Okay, I'll come. But I have to got home and change my... myself. " We both laughed and he nodded. We agreed to meet in Liam's house at 8 p.m. I got home and saw Katy to try swim wears. " Liam invites you, doesn't he? " I asked and she smirked. " Yes, he does. And now, I don't know what to wear... " She said sadly. " I'll give you a great advice. Go naked. " We both started to laugh. " Yeah, right. " She said while she was laughing. " Um... Lisa... What's wrong with your outfit? I mean... " She looked at my dirty outfit and we both started to laugh. " We made some pancakes, and Harry decided to play with the flour and the oil... " I said. " Go to the bathroom, that's what you need now. " I smiled and nodded. I got into the bath. When I was in the bathroom, I couldn't stop think about Harry. I thought how we're going around for a walk together, while we're held our hands. He said " I love you. " and I smiled. Just imagine. My impossible dream. I got out and dried up my hair. I chosen a swim wear and got downstairs. " Hey, Kate. What do you think about this? " I showed it to her. She bitten her down lip and nodded. I laughed. " So that's mine. Which one will be? " I asked her while I pointed the swim wears. She pointed a swim wear, which was red with some black. It was very beautiful. " Do you like this one? " She asked me. I looked at the swim wear better and nodded. " I like it so far. What do you think about mine? " Mine was white, with some black. " This one is yours! Lets wear it, before we get late. " We laughed and I got back to my bedroom. I didn't know, how Liam could me so stupid to make a swimming party at late night? I didn't have any problems with that. When I dressed up, I chosen a white, short dress. I put it on the swim wear. I was done. I got downstairs and saw Katy. She was done, too. We called a taxi and for half an hour we were in Liam's house. I knocked and Louis opened me. " Helloo, girls. Come in, come in. You're so accurate. Follow me, I'll show you the pool. " We laughed and followed him. The swimming pool was very big, and there weren't many people. When Katy saw Liam, she gone to him. I looked around to see Harry. Nothing. I found Louis. " Hey, Louis! Do you know where's Harry? " I asked. " Sorry, I have no idea. Nobody has seen him from the afternoon. " He answered. " Okay, thank you. " I sat on a sunbad and looked at the pool. Everyone had a good time, without me. I still looked around to see Harry. It started to rain. We got inside and the party continued there. An hour ago I got upstairs and went to the balcony. I needed fresh air. When I got there I saw Harry. He was sitting on a sunbed, kissing another girl. When I saw him with her, I felt pain. Very, very strong pain. The tears were ready to fall down on my cheeks. I slammed the door and ran downstairs. Katy stopped me. " Lisa, what happened? " She asked. " Harry... He's kissing another girl... Leave me, I want to be alone. " I didn't wait her to say something, just got back to the pool. While I was running, I tripped over. I bumped my head hardly, and felt in the pool. I can't swim, but I didn't care. I lost consciousness...


I woke up on one of the sunbeds. I opened my eyes to see Harry, looking at me worriedly. " What?! " I asked grossly." Lisa, are you ok? Do you know how you scared me?!!? " He sighed. " Actually, I don't really care. " I said angrily. That wasn't his fault, but I love him. And if when I'm with him I'd feel same pain like before... It'd be better for us both to stay away from each other. " Why? Why was that? " He asked with tears in the eyes. " I don't know what are you talking about! " I said. He hugged me. " What's wrong? " He asked and I pulled him away from me. " Stay away from me, Harry. Just pretend you don't know me, ok? " I said and her jaw hit the ground. " No! You can't do this! Lisa, please tell me, what's wrong? " He asked and the tears were falling down on his cheeks. " Harry.... Just leave me. " I stood up and ran away. While I was running, he said. " If the girl, who I was kissing is the reason for your bad mood, it was a dare. ". I didn't stop, the tears were falling down on my face. It was dark, I lost my orientation. I didn't know where I'm now, so that means, that I'm lost. A big black Range Rover stopped next to me and four men got out. They were walking to me. I started to run again, but they were faster and held me. They shoved me in the car, then tied me with a rope. " What do you want? Wh-where we going? " I mumbled. Nothing. " Tell me! I want to got ho... " One of them slapped me. "Could you please, shut the fuck up! " One of them answered. " Don't punch her! She's mine! " Said another man. I think, he was 19. " I'm not yours! " I hissed and he laughed. The car stopped and the men held me again. We got into an abandoned building. Wait a minute... That was the place, in which I met Harry. We got on 17th floor. Harry was telling me, that there is his secretly place. When I got out of the elevator I saw a bedroom, a TV, a computer, a fridge and stuff. The man, who was tell the others that I'm his, nodded at them and they got out. We were alone, I trembled. " What? Are you scared from me? " He got close to me and kissed my neck. " S-stop! You don't even know my name! " I mumbled, he stopped and smirked. " I'm so sorry, what an impolite from me... I'm Josh, what's your name? " He asked. I knew that he's making fun of me. " I-I won't tell you! " I answered. " Tell me, and might I won't rape you. " He winked me. I knew, he was lying but I told him. " Li-lisa." I answered and he smirked. " What a beautiful name, and what a lie from myself. I'm so sorry, Lisa! " He got close to me again and started to kissing me. I tried to pull him, but unsuccessful. He was in the way to rape me, when...


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