Keep Me Crazy

"Sunday dinner with a bottle of jack. Drive around town, like a heart attack. Baby your a mess, but it's meant to be, cause you keep me crazy. Tell me you love me and everything's alright, 57 seconds for you to start a fight. Baby some how you're the one I need, cause you keep me crazy" Keep Me Crazy -Chris Wallace


4. Three


So, as I we mentioned in Chapter Two; they're from New York so they talk kinda different so I'm just gonna spell it the way it would sound if you heard them



I watched as the numbers on my clock went from 5:59 to 6:00. The loud noise of alarms blared through the house. All of our alarms were set to six so there was seven alarm clocks going off. I clicked mine off and sat up. I checked my phone real quick then turned on the light. Once my eyes adjusted the light I went to my dresser and picked out a black and pink polka-dotted tank top that had a pair of lips on it and a pink skirt. I put it on with a chain necklace and pink heels. I straightened my hair and added a flower headband. I did my makeup, grabbed my phone, brushed my teeth, and went downstairs.

"Well, someone's very pink today." Jana giggled. 


"I guess I am." I shrugged, pouring myself a glass of water. 


"Are you sure they're gonna let you wear something thaaat tight to school?" Kacey asked. 


"I don't know and I don't care." I said, sipping my water. 


"Well, don't complain when ya ass gets grabbed by strangers in the hallway." John joined the conversation. 


"And don't complain when I kick their asses." Brandon said. 


"Whose ass is getting kicked?" Missy asked, walking into the kitchen. 


"No ones, yet." Brandon said. 


"Please don't beat anyone up, we don't want you in trouble the second day of school." Missy frowned. I rolled my eyes. She was always so nice to her and he barely acknowledged her existence. He didn't like her. None of us liked her. Except dad, who loved his little trophy wife. She was your typical platinum blonde, blue eyed, breast implanted whore. Yes, whore. I've caught her so many times with other guys it's getting hard to count. Why I haven't told my father? I tried once. He didn't believe me cause she did this whole over dramatic thing and cried and blah blah blah. 


"I'm 18, I can do whateva I want." Brandon said and walked out of the house.


"Here we go again." Kacey sighed, hopping off the counter. 


"I'll get him." I said, grabbing my bag off the couch and going after Brandon. He heard the click of my heels and stopped, turning to face me. 


"Yes?" He asked, raising his eyebrows at me. 


"Don't be a dick, Brandon." I said, standing in front of him. The heels made me as tall as he was, "Why do you keep running off?" 


"Cause I don't wanna be in the same house as... as it." He said, "She ruined my life. I got nothing because of her." 


"Bran, I'm sorry. But, you can go back. You're eighteen." I said. 


"You know, you're right, but dad says I have to finish school." Brandon told me, but the way he talks made it come out as say-s instead of says. 


"Whateva, Bran-muffin." I giggled. 


"Oh, God don't start with that again." Brandon groaned. 




"Abi! Over here!" I heard Lauren yell. I saw her and walked over to her. It was study hall, which should be called recess cause they let kids go outside and do whatever. 


"Hey." I smiled.


"I'm loving the outfit." She smiled. 


"Thanks. The guys here are, too." I laughed. 


"What do you mean?" She asked, tilting her head to the side. 


"I've had my ass grabbed so many times I lost count." I said. 


"Really?" She started laughing, "Yeah, some of the guys here are pretty creepy. Especially those guys." She pointed at Skunk Boy and his little friends. 


"Oh, yeah, I know. He was talking to me yestaday." I jerked my chin towards Skunk Boy.


"That would be Michael Clifford. He's in this band with my brother. They act like they don't even know each other here..." She sighed as we sat down on a bench. 


"Is dat a bad thing?" I asked, noticing she didn't seem to happy about it. 


"I just don't see why they act so different in school. Everyone knows they're best friends, but it's like they don't want to believe it." She said. 


"That's weird. I don't know what to tell you, though." I shrugged. 


"It's fine, I'll figure it out. So where'd you move from?" She asked, changing the subject. 


"New York." I told her, just putting our conversation into the back of my head. 


"What part?" 


"Brooklyn, kinda explains why I talk the way I do." I said. 


"Ooooooh, I was wondering but I didn't wanna offend you by asking." She giggled. 


"Eh, don't matter to me." I shrugged. 


"So, have you met the other boys besides Mike and Ash?" She asked. 


"Nope. I didn't know there was more." I laughed. 


"Yeah, there's two more." She said looking around, "Ooh, there's Calum, come on!" I stood up and followed her to a boy who was with the soccer team, which they called football or footy. 


"Hey, Lauren." A boy with black hair and dreamy brown eyes smiled at her. 


"Hey, Calum. This is Abi, she's new here. Abi, this is Calum." Lauren told me. 


"Hi." I waved a little. 


"Hi, Abi." Calum smiled at me, standing up and extending his hand out to me. I shook his hand and smiled. 


"She came from New York." Lauren told him. 


"That's cool, well welcome to Australia. Hope you like your stay, cause I think Australia's likin' you." He winked, looking at my tanned skin and biting his lip. 


"Ooookaaay, let's go find Luke." Lauren pulled me along, "He can get like Michael sometimes, too." She said when we were out of his hearing range. 


"I see." I nodded. 


"There he is!" She pointed to a group of girls at a picnic table. 


"He? All I see are girls." I said. 


"Yeah, he's always surrounded by girls this time of day. He's the mysterious hot one as my friend calls him." She rolled his eyes. As we got closer I saw him. He was wearing a dark purple beanie that pulled back his blonde hair. He had his lip pierced and his bright blue eyes landed on me then on Lauren then back to me.


"Hey Lauren." He smiled, not taking his eyes off me. The girls saw him looking at me, rolled their eyes and walked away. 


"Luke, this is Abi. She moved here from New York." Lauren told him, moving closer and snapping her fingers in front of his face. He blinked a few times and gave her this dirty look. She stood back next to me and he stood up and walked in front of us. 


"I'm Luke." He smiled, extending his hand as Calum did and I shook it. 


"Abi." I giggled. 


"Uh, Ashton said to tell you practice is at four." Lauren told him. He still kept his eyes on me. I was as tall as him in 6-inch heels, I didn't want to see how short I was compared to him without heels. 


"Alright." He nodded as the bell. 


"Well, we have to get to class." Lauren said, pulling me along. 


"Bye." Luke waved. I waved back and smiled before the group of girl surrounded him again and all I could see were the back of their heads. 




"Hey, Abi, right?" Skunk boy, or Michael as I should call him now, approached me at my locker. 


"Yeah, and it's Mitchell, right?" I smirked, taking out my bag and closing my locker. 


"Michael." He corrected me.


"Mitchell, Michael, same difference." I shrugged as he walked with me.


"Big difference, but I saw you are friends with Lauren." He said. 


"Yeah, so?" I asked. 


"So, you wanna come to band practice later?" He asked.


"What does me bein friend wit Lauren gotta do with band practice?" I asked, stopping and facing him. 


"Practice is at Ashton's tonight," He started. 


"Lauren's Ashton's sista, so she'll be at his house and you want me to use her as an excuse for you to walk me home after and hope to score, right?" I asked. 


"Uh, well-" 


"Well, if practice is at four, like Lauren said earlier, you won't be getting lucky that early in the day walking me home." I laughed a bit. 


"So, what your saying is that I could hit that if I walked you home late at night?" He asked. 


"Oh, honey, I'm not that easy." I smirked, walking away. 



Hiii, so, here is your chapter! 

I am off to bed, so I will see you people tomorrow cause I am going to try and update 'Back In LA' then. 

Also, if you're reading that story, you should probably read Choose over on Tony's page and it'd probably make more since.

Soo, goodnight beautiful people!!

-Bellabear :) 

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