Half Blood Heroes- Strung Beads

Find out about the lost siblings of the Heroes of Olympus and their grueling quests.


10. Chapter X Lola

Well. The News certainly brightened up everyone. Not. Macie being the soft prissy girl she is started having a breakdown. [Uh, no] Whatever. Annabeth got worried about Pipers unborn child and started having kittens over it. Literally. Cats out of her butt. Lola, shut up!]  Keep ya hair on puss! 

I climbed over the barrier to the front and sat my self down next to Jake. He ruffled my hair and kissed my cheek. "You know Jake," I said "I used to be like Kaz, less violent than her but before I met you I used to be you know... I still am,  a bit but yeah..." Jake put my hand onto his and said "Don't worry relax!" I moved my hand not wanting to disrupt his driving, a pregnant freaking out woman in a car crash wouldn't be good. "Macie!" Came Kaz's voice. Then came Hazel's "Jake! Jake! Pull over!" 

Jake swerved into the lay-by and I jumped over the barrier. I saw Kaz holding Macie's head in her hands and the others were knelt down around her. "What happened?" I asked running over to my friends. "She just collapsed!" Ari said the tears welling up in her eyes. "Is she breathing?" I asked."I've checked," said Piper, "Her pulse is still going too." We opened the doors and took her outside. She woke after a while and Piper hugged her tight and said "Never mind loosing Pete, we were more worried about you!" They both began to cry. Softies!  

The drive went on for ever and ever and ever and ever and, ever seems like a weird word when you think about it. It's like Sofa! You know, if you say sofa over and over again, it sounds so weird!

Any way, it turned out, according to Jake, who's Dad was also god of medicine, that Macie had collapsed from stress. I knew she was prissy [And your best friend!]  Oh yeah! Sorry! The journey continued, and gradually we all dropped off. 

I was woken the next day by the sunlight, or Macie who was yelling; "We're in Ohio! We're in Ohio!" I naturally assumed that we were in Ohio. "How long?" I asked wearily. "She arrives!" Shouted Jake. "Two minutes!" Piper said. I stood up and clambered over to the window. The light woke me up some more but I was still weary, we all were. I suppose I was lucky. I was the only one who new for sure that her boyfriend was alive and safe. I thought about how tense the boys must be to, especially Jason. The baby was due any time soon, and there was a chance he wouldn't be there. I thought how guilty he must have felt that he had left Pipes to fend for herself. I shook the thoughts out of my head as we pulled into the drive.

The house was a huge, old mansion covered in ivy and roses. It didn't look abandoned though, its garden was well looked after and it was tidily kept. Macie was so excited. She was going to meet her dad.

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