Half Blood Heroes- Strung Beads

Find out about the lost siblings of the Heroes of Olympus and their grueling quests.


7. Chapter VII Marc

You may be wondering why Mace went before me, but we decided that she should say what she said. In Camp Jupiter, nothing exciting happened. Pete was getting seriously depressed because of Mace.

That was until we heard that the counselors and junior counselors of CHB were coming to Jupiter for the monthly meeting. That included Ari, Lola, Ian and Mace. Sorry for the shortened names. Jason had told us about Lola’s new boyfriend and he was coming to. So were the siblings of the Greek lot along with Coach Hedge Jnr and Coach Hedge Snr.

The day of the meeting came fast and Pete went from depressed to seriously hyper. No one could wait to see their friends again. Reyna, our leader, was good friends with Annabeth, Ari’s sister.

The day arrived and there was such a buzz in the air. After a long time waiting, the Greeks finally arrived. Macie rushed in and went over to Pete, but stopped just before she reached him. She looked Pete up and down and then ran over to a punkish girl with piercings and a silver circlet on her head and a tall skinny girl with bright red hair. 

The punk put her hand on Mace's shoulder and the red-head whispered something in her ear. Pete went over to the three girls but Mace's sister came up and pushed him away and would probably have done worse if Pete's brother, Jason hadn't held her back. Just then Kaz came up to me and said: "D'ya know what that's about?"

I told her no and suggested we went over to see. She agreed to do so and we approached carefully. A full on row was going on and their seemed to be two teams. Mace's which had all the girls present involved, including Ari, Lola, Hazel (my sister), Ari's sister and also Lola's brother. Oh and of course Lola's boyfriend!Then there was Pete's team which consisted of him and his brother. Kaz hates arguments when she's not involved and can often be a good peacekeeper (no-one lets her join in the argument because they know that, along  with being shouted at for half an hour, she'll pummel them). This was one of the moments that she demonstrated her skill.

Kaz practically yelled the non-existent roof off. I won't put it all in because it contained some quite explicit language. It went a bit like; "Shut the hell up or I'll dip your  heads in the nearest loo and I ain't being nothing to do with taking them back out again. So if you dare to not shut up I will kill you..." It went on and on and on and on and that's enough of  on. Pete and Mace had silently made up during Kaz' speach and went off together. Peace was returned.

We selected seats at the back  and I met Lola's boyfriend, Jake. He was a year older than us but so much smaller. His arms didn't seem to fit his body as they were riddled with muscles that writhed like snakes whenever he moved them 

We sat and waited for the speeches to start.

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