Half Blood Heroes- Strung Beads

Find out about the lost siblings of the Heroes of Olympus and their grueling quests.


6. Chapter VI Macie

I heard a noise and looked up. It was Pete. He’d obviously heard about it too. About us being separated. I was on a bed, curled up in a ball, with Lola and Ariana on either side of me. Kaz was with me as well. Pete ran up to me and hugged me. I hugged him back and broke into tears. He held himself together. I think he did it for me. That’s what I love about Pete, he cares.


Just then, Piper, my sister, came in with Pete’s brother. Piper ran over to me and hugged me, whilst Pete’s brother, Jason, stood at the doorway.


“Romans, it’s time to go.” Jason said from the doorway. Kaz got up and Pete let go of me. Jason stopped Pete at the door and told him to go back in. Pete did and sat down next to me. Kaz saw Marc and went off to him.


Piper sat down on the bed opposite and Jason joined her.


“Well,” Said Piper, “I don’t quite know how to say this, we weren’t planning on telling anyone for a while yet, but here goes. How do you two feel about having a niece or nephew?”


“Are you saying...?” Pete said.


“Yep!” Said Jason.


“Does Thalia know?” Asked Pete.


“No, she’ll kill me!” Jason replied.                   


“Who’s Thalia.” I asked.


“Our sister” Said Jason


“Shouldn’t I be at Camp Jupiter?” Asked Pete.


“Um yes, let me take you!” Jason hastily replied, hauling Pete out of Cabin 11. [That was the definition of an awkward situation!]. Agreed. Funnily enough, looking at Piper, I did see it, and wondered how I could have missed it.


The next three months went by with nothing significant happening. I got trained in all sorts of things and when I wasn’t I thought about Pete. The people in Cabin 11 (Aphrodite) were nice enough, but I didn’t feel quit at home with them.


 Oh yes, I haven’t told you who’s god parent’s are who’s. Well, I am a child of Aphrodite, goddess of love, Lola is a child of Poseidon, god of the seas, Ian is son of Hephaestus, god of fire and mechanics stuff and Ariana is daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom. Kaz is Mars, god of war, Marc is Pluto, god of the underworld and Pete is son of Jupiter, god of the sky.


After three months something amazing happened. Lola fell in love, yes love! [Oh stop making such a big deal about it, will you!]. Aphrodite! [S’ppose]. She fell in love with Jake, son of Apollo, god of the sun, music and poetry. He was a scrawny boy for 15 and had messy, sandy hair. He was covered in freckles and had the most penetrating blue eyes. I don’t know what she saw in him.


After about a month he finally asked Lola out and she said yes! Why?![I thought you knew all about love!]. I do, that’s why I’m asking! We teased her for ages until Percy got involved. Percy is her brother. He came up to a couple of us Aphrodite’s and said “If you’ve quite finished, love birds, thank you!” He got really angry, but did I care?


Next month Piper was so obviously, you know, pregnant, that Jason had to tell Thalia, who practically killed him. I quite like Thalia she’s kind to me. I think she understood how I felt about Pete.



















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