Half Blood Heroes- Strung Beads

Find out about the lost siblings of the Heroes of Olympus and their grueling quests.


9. Chapter IX Ariana

The meeting dispersed. Reyna glanced across the room as Jason embraced Piper. Her brown eyes darkened watching the couple and she was still standing there as everyone was leaving. "Hey!, Reyna!" Yelled the tall thin blonde kid from across the room. Her eyes widened and she too left the room. Ian came up to me grinning. He puckered his lips. "Haha," I giggled and we kissed. "Don't get yourself killed Ian." I told him now serious. "Or in other words, don't do anything stupid." He gave one last grin and headed towards the Transit Van. Pete and Macie were standing across from me Pete with his arms around her. "Please.. Don't go.. You already left me once.. I don't want that to happen again.." Macie whispered in between sobs. He lifted her chin up. "Hey, I am not leaving you.. I need to go I promise I will come back but you have to look after Piper. Ok?" She nodded and kissed his cheek as he trudged to the Van. I started walking across the hallway towards the exit. I had to find the others so we could leave for Ohio. We were going to stay in Pipers dad's house. Well one of them anyway. He was on business in Hollywood. I heard Kaz's voice yell from outside. "Oh my God! Leave it Karol!" Yelled Marc. "Hey, call me that you won't have anything to call anyone anything ever again" She threatened her face close to his. "I am going to be late! Are you going to kiss me or not?!" He yelled red in the face. She turned away and climbed into the RV that we were travelling to Ohio in. I looked at Marc. "I- I Are you-?" "I'm fine." He snapped and stormed off into the other direction.


It was a small RV but we all got in fine. Hazel stood up crouching so she would not hit the ceiling. "Ok uh let's see. Kaz, Macie, Ari, Jake, Piper, Annabeth and Lola." She turned to the drivers seat. It was occupied with Jake. "Yep we have everyone." She put on her best smile and we headed off. I loved Hazel. She was always so optimistic it was almost like everything was ok. Everything wasn't . Piper was sat on the tatty old couch along with Macie. She had her arm around her sister who had red eyes. "Piper, If you need anything please. let us know." Annabeth said anxiously. Her and I were sitting at the table playing cards. "Annabeth, I'm pregnant, not a time bomb. I'm really fine." Piper smiled from across the RV (which isn't very far) I giggled and Annabeth rolled her eyes but smiled back. "Seriously Ok?" She said. "Seriously" Piper replied now with her head buried in a newspaper. 

All I heard was the bang. "God Kaz!" I yelled. She smirked a hammer in her hand. "Where-?" Macie started.  "Ian." She replied lightly. "You stole that from him?!" I yelled even louder. She nodded. The RV pulled up in a lay by. "Woah, woah whats goin' on?" Jake came running in. "I fixed the TV." she said giving everyone looks as if she was trying to say duh isnt it obvious? Nope cause YOU DONT FIX TVS BY SMASHING THEM WITH HAMMERS! Annabeth grabbed the remote off the side of the counter and flicked the on button. The news came on although the news anchor wasn't on her chair. She was on the floor unconscious. Piper leaned over and gasped. There was a yell and the camera man fell along with the camera. A big hand covered the screen. Hazel snatched the remote and flicked it off. "The mist.." She whispered. "Somethings destroying it." Macie looked up at Piper. "This is it then."  Piper began "The war has officially started."









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