Half Blood Heroes- Strung Beads

Find out about the lost siblings of the Heroes of Olympus and their grueling quests.


4. Chapter IV Kaz


Wait... did you get to the bit where we... [Don’t spoil it!] OK, but where are we? [We are going through the door to the big house, listen won’t you!] Alright! Keep your hair on!

So! The interior of the house did not reflect the old, tatty exterior. It was still horrible, but kind .of posh and clean and... disgusting. It smelt of old people and was very dark and gloomy. And maroon is an awful colour. I don’t understand some people, I mean maroon! [Maroon isn’t that bad] Did you just hear that? Pete O’ No Fashion Taste thinks that maroon is a nice colour. [I didn’t say that it’s just that you make it out to be worse than it is]. Pete, my dear I think you may be colour blind! [Ha! I am afraid Miss Kazthinkssheissogreat that you are entirely wrong!] [Oh, stop arguing you two!]

We were led up the stairs closest to us and into an office as disgusting as the rest of the house. There was a long desk with a pudgy man behind it. He wore a disgusting leopard print shirt and to make it worse he wore the shirt open to reveal his hairy chest. His hair was black and curly with a wreath woven of grape vines. His eyes were deepest purple and he seemed to be wearing... makeup!

Next to the man stood something even worse and ugly, it was [You!] No it was a mix between a horse and a man. Now, we had been taught about centaurs by Yew, but did I ever think I’d see one? No! The man bit wasn’t ugly, nor was the horse bit. It was just the two put together, it, well... wasn’t a very pleasant sight, but then that’s only my opinion.

“Piper?” said the horse dude.

“I know,” Rose said, “that’s why I brought them to you. Do you think...?”

“Bring the seven here at once,” The centaur muttered and Rose left. We waited for a while and then Rose came back with seven people following her. The girl next to Rose ran towards Macie and reached out towards her.

“Macie?” Said the girl

“Uh, yeah?” Macie said. The girl wrapped her arms around her and whispered “It’s me, Piper!” In her ear.

“Um... Who?” Macie asked

“Your sister!”

“Oh. I have a sister?”

“Yes, silly!” Macie wrapped her arms around Piper and began to weep along with her. Then, a boy came forward and approached me!

“You are Karol aren’t you?” He asked.

“Well I prefer Kaz but pretty much yes, don’t tell me you’re my brother.”

“I’m afraid that I am!”

“You should be!” Pete yelled.

“I should be what?” my brother asked.

“Afraid!” Pete replied. My brother laughed and told us his name was Frank. We also discovered Pete’s brother, who was a mirror image of him called Jason. Lola’s brother was like her in a way, but different, he looked a bit less intelligent but more heroic and less weedy. His name was Percy and his girlfriend, Annabeth, was Ariana’s sister and had completely different hair. Ariana’s was brown and astonishingly frizzy, whereas Annabeths’ was blonde and only slightly curly. Ian’s brother was called Leo and Marc had a sister called Hazel.

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