Bad Boy

Hello! My name is Melisa! I'm your normal 17 year old girl. Let me tell you a little bit about me. I have long, wavy brown hair and green eyes. I haven't got any brothers or sisters. But I have my best friend Lisa. She is like a sister to me, I love her to death. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is gorgeous. We go to Winston High School. Lisa and I weren't the most popular girls. My live became i living hell when he came. The school bad boy.......( this is my first movella so please leave a comment telling me should i keep writing or not :) )


4. Chapter 3

It said:

" Hi, babe!! See you at school ;)- N"

I still can't figure out why is he following me and stalking me? I have to find out. Lisa and I got ready for school. I was wearing my blue skinny jeans and a T-shirt with the sign YOLO on it. I just loved that T-shirt. And of course my white NIkes. I took my bag and went down to wait for Lisa. She is soo slow. I can go to the North Pole and come back while she get's ready for school. Finally she was ready. We started walking to school. When we reached the gates Niall was standing there. Was he waiting for me? We continued walking. When I walked pass him, he grabbed my arm . I stopped and looked at him. Lisa looked at me with a scary look. I just nodded for her to go and I will come later. She went inside the school. I turned around so that I could face Niall again."Yes?". " Why are you ignoring me, princess?" ." Don't call me princess because I'm not your princess. Why do you even talk to me ? I mean.... I'm not popular or some shit like that? Why don't you go to your Amanda? After all she is your girlfriend not me.". " The problem is I don't want Amanda. I want you.". " Niall just leave me alone. You are the schools bad boy. You should be with the most popular girl. Why are you talking to me?" ." Ooo come on princess!! Don't be like that." He put his arm around my waste bringing me closer to him. I put my hand on his chest trying to pull way from him. But he kept me closer to him. He started leaning forward. Your faces were inches from each other. " N-Niall what are you doing?" He didn't answer me. He pressed his lips to mine. The kiss was amazing. But it didn't feel right. I didn't fight. I kissed back. His lips were so soft. We pulled away. I looked into his baby blue eyes. " Why did you do that? Your girlfriend could of see us." . " I don't care about here. Now you are mine." WHAT?!? Wow he's really crazy. " No I'm not. You kissed me. That doesn't make me yours. " I finally freed from his grip. I went to find Lisa.

Niall P.O.V


Why did I just kiss her? Ughhh now she's going to hate me. Idiot. I never felt something like that for a girl. She had to be mine. She is just so beautiful. She is perfect. When I stopped day dreaming I went to class. I had Maths. I hate it so much. But I was going to see Melisa. Why I want her so bad? She is just a normal girl. When I see her my heart beats even faster. Why only she had that effect on me? Am I falling in love. Yes I am. She has to be mine. And no one else could have her. No one except me!!


(A/N This one is a short one. But I am really sleepy. And her right now is almost 11.00 pm. Soo like, favourite, comment. Good night!!!!
-Teddy xoxoxo

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