Bad Boy

Hello! My name is Melisa! I'm your normal 17 year old girl. Let me tell you a little bit about me. I have long, wavy brown hair and green eyes. I haven't got any brothers or sisters. But I have my best friend Lisa. She is like a sister to me, I love her to death. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is gorgeous. We go to Winston High School. Lisa and I weren't the most popular girls. My live became i living hell when he came. The school bad boy.......( this is my first movella so please leave a comment telling me should i keep writing or not :) )


37. Chapter 29


I was lying on the ground. That fucking bastard Richi shot me in the stomach and leg. I got my phone out and I called the boys. "Hey Nialler what's up?"."Guys.....Kareila bar...."."What's wrong?"."Richi and Ostin...they got Melissa and I'm shot..."."We are coming right away!!!" And they hung up the phone. After about 10 minutes they came and helped me up."We are taking you to the hospital right now!!"."No you are not! I have to find her!"."You will find her after you see a doctor!" I tried to convince them that I am fine but in the end I ended up in the hospital. After I was done I told them that we have to find her. I saw that Harry wasn't paying attention and he was always looking his phone." Harry? What's wrong mate?". "Nothing...just after Lisa and I split up I told her when she gets home to call me. It's been 2 hours and she still hasn't called me. I'm getting worried. And I don't want to call her if she has some work I don't want to disturb her."."Call her!". I saw that he phoned her but there was no answer. And again and again. Nothing. We started working a plan how to find Melissa. Then suddenly we saw Harry's phone buzzing. He picked up the phone and I thought he was talking to Lisa. After about 2 minutes I saw that he was red as a bull and angry as one. He hung up the phone ." After I find those sons of bitches I am going to kill them both!!!"he said angry. " Why? What happened? " I asked him ." They have Melissa and Lisa!!!""."What?!" He was angryyy. We started looking everywhere trying to find the girls. And there was no clue.

I was waking up...where was I? I looked around and I remembered everything. I looked at Lisa and I saw that she was awake. She looked at me scared and I just smiled at her. I tried to take of the tape from my mouth but no success. I looked around for something that I can untie myself but I saw nothing. That's when Ostin came . "Well, well, look who woke up! Your too beautiful girls! Good morning ladies." he said and took of the tape from your mouths. "You know you are not getting away with this?" I said."Ooh honey! We are already getting away with this!" he said and took a chair and sat in front of us. "Okay now! Let me explain what's going to happen. I will beat you every single they so that your little boyfriend Horan sees what can happen to his beautiful girl. Same thing for Styles. After that we will send pictures of you with all the scars and the blood, etc. They will freak out and get even more angry. They will look for you and so on and so on but they won't be able to find you. So after a few days, weeks, months, how long me and my brother like we are going to call them. We are going to tell them where to come and at what time. That's when your part comes in Lisa." he said and looked at her. "Lucky for you we will leave you in a truck where they will find you! Alive of course there is no point in your death! You are just here to help us motivate you friend Melissa do bad things and behave badly so that we have an excuse to beat her up. And unfortunately for you Melissa! We will bring you back to Niall! The point is you are not going to be alive!"

What....I was going to die...? NO! NO! Niall will find me and save me! I believe him! I know he will find me and save me. He loves me. I didn't say a word to Ostin and I just sat there in silence. He smiled, got up and left. Okay Melissa don't panic. Everything will be okay. You will be okay. Niall will you find you. "Mell....?" Lisa looked worried for me. I didn't say anything I was just sitting there. "Mell....I bet he's saying that so that he can scare are not gonna die...". I looked at her and I saw tears in her eyes. "I know! I know Niall will find me." I answerd. She just smiled a little bit. We talked and she told me how they caught her. 


Minutes.....hours.....days....weeks....months...past by and there was no sign of the boys...or Niall. They beated us up everyday for about a month...after that thy left Lisa alone and continued with the beating but they did it only on me. One day Richi came downstairs. "Hello bitch. Time to get up!" he said and began to untie me. I was so exhausted I couldn't move. My hole body was hurting. He got me up and pushed me to walk. I started walking. I saw Ostin. "Let's get started with plan A! Where is the other one?" he asked. "I will go get her!" said Richi and left me and went down to take Lisa. "W-what's going to happen....?" . "We are returning your friend to Styles. You are staying be are moving." Richi came and he brought Lisa. They both pushed us in the car. I saw that Richi texted Styles from Lisa's phone. After about 30 minutes we stopped. I looked around and I saw that we are at the dock. The left Lisa tied up in a truck and we left. Okay....I'm all alone now. We travelled literally 3 days an we stopped. I saw a small house in the middle of nowhere. And again the same procedure. One of the brothers pickd me up bridal style and they tied me up in the basement. I was the the cold....without knowing what will happen to me....suddenly the door opened. I saw Richi. "Pay back is a bitch, sweety!" he said and smirked. I saw....that....that....he had

(Again I want to say sorry for not updating a year!! I know that it's a loooooong time but I had a lot of issues and so on...and I am really really sorry! :( So fot those who still have interest in my story here is a new chapter that I hope you like and I tried to make it a bit long so....enjoy! ) 

-Teddy xoxo

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