when logan moves to a new school she meets the bad boy Austin but will Austin change or will she?????


5. Chapter 5

 i wake up after what feels like a long time.

"well that was short" says jack

"it was?" I asked "it felt like hours"


"so why does Austin hate you so much and why do you hate him?"

"well I really don't hate him I use to get him in trouble a lot and I still kind of do. I don't know why but do. and that's why he hates me so much. and he also thinks that his parents hate him. they don't he just gets in trouble a lot and my parents think that im his role model and I get away with everything so"

"wow. im a single child. it gets very boring sometimes but."

"ha. I would love to be a single child."

"it gets boring. but what exactly do you want from Austin? I know its probably not my buisnness but im really curious."

"yeah its really not but I will tell you one thing of what I want is money. he does my work and so do I but. "

"oh" is all I manage to say then the door bursts open.



I burst open that door with anger. He is taking something  I love and oh I need to show him a piece of my mind.

"I told you not to come." jack says angerly and stern. then I look over on the other side of the couch and theres logan. frozen. surprised.

"well I did what are you gonna do about it. kill me go head. at least i'll see someone when I die." I look at logan

"fine. I warned you."

as he pulls out his gun and points it at me out of the corner of my eye I see logan get up and do a side kick on jacks head to knock him out cold. I looked surprised. I cant believe she saved me. I thought she had nothing to do with me. then another door bursts open with jack's gang. taylor took them down with only a couple of punches and kicks. im speechless. she is awesome. and she looked hot doing it.

"lets go" she says pulling my arm

so the gang and I run out with her. we get in the black van but logan hops in the driver seat and speeds off. she kept looking in the rearview for jack.

"I know where a place is where we can hide" she says

"how?" I ask

"ive been driving around"

Then we come to this abandon, old building ive never seen before.

"I know it looks terrible but it will do" she gets out and throws me the keys.

we walk inside and its actually not that bad but it looks so old. it looks like it have been arranged.

"ive arranged it a bit. I come here when I need to be by myself." logan says

"I hope they don't find us here" zack says

"i'll be back" logan says and walks off

"ill be back" I say to the boys. then john rolls his eyes smiling.

as im following her I hear her singing. she is awesome. then when I peek around the corner she is dancing. she is amazing. im standing there amazed. she is singing a song ive never even heard of. I bet she wrote it. when she turns to the doorway she stops. she stares at me. she looks down in embaressment. I see her cheeks get bright red.

"don't be embaressed. you were amazing" I say softly walking to her and lifting her head up.

"I don't know people always told me I wasn't good enough" she says

"you are. your a pretty, beautiful, talented girl" I say smiling

I stare in to her eyes.



he leans in slowly and kisses me. he grabs my cheek gently. I cant believe im kissing him and he is kissing me. when we break we put our heads together romanticly. I bit my lip.

"see your every thing to me. that's why I went and sort of saved you" he says chuckling.

all I could do was smile.

"awwww" I hear the rest of the crew say

"guys. how long were you there?!?!?!" Austin says loudly

"long enough to see that kiss." alex says smirking.

I giggle.

"we heard singing as we were walking up there who ever that was was awesome" zack says

"see I told you" Austin says to me

I blush. then all of the sudden we hear a voice yell "AUSTIN" angerly

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