when logan moves to a new school she meets the bad boy Austin but will Austin change or will she?????



As im walking out of class talking to jacob, i feel someone pull me making my books drop and spun me into their chest in a way like the dancers. And guess who it was?Austin.-yeah- i thought.

"wha do you want?" i asked annoyed

"nothin" he says like A CENTIMETER FROM MY FACE!!! i think i feel his lips brush aigainst mine as he talked. ewww!!

"can you let go of me? so i can get my books?"

"sure." he said smirking. i just know he gonna say somethin i wont like."i have somethig planned for you later." he wispered in my ear.

i roll my eyes. I swear almost everything that comes out of his mouth i roll my eyes. he lets go of me. still smirking, and walks off.

"what did he whisper to you?" jacob asks helping me pick up my books.

"that he has somthing planned for me?" i say raising an eyebrow."whats that supposed to mean?"

"i have no idea?" he says "but i usually dont listen or understands to what he says"


when i gather my stuff up to get home jacob knockd on my locker. "you need a ride home?" he asks

"no. i have a truck but thanks" i say smiling.

"you have a truck! so thats yours"

"whats that supposed to mean?" i ask confused

"no one here hardly ever drives a truck. They are all about speed and looks"

"oh. well i like strength" i say chuckling

"then you'll like me" austin.

what does he want now!

"ok..if it helps you sleep at night" i say closing my locker

"oh it will" he leans up aganist the lockers trying to look cool.

i roll my eyes.....once again, and walk off.

as im driving home( it only takes about 5-10 minutes) I swear the same car is following me. but it happens all the time. I just ignore it and think about how peaceful i'll be at home. My parents don't come home for another 4 HOURS!! HALLELUIGHA! when I get inside I text my mom telling her I will be at the café down the street. then I walk. just to walk. but what creeps me out is that there is no one here. but people say it is a really good café. so I order. and stay for about 20 minutes drinking my coffee, and looking on instagram. Then I get up to take a longer walk. after about 5 minutes I hear a noise. I stop to listen.

"help" I hear very faint.

As I get closer to the nosie I look down an alley and see a body laying there. of course it has to be an alley. I walk up to him.

"a-are you ok?" I ask

he is laying on his stomach with an arm out and one under his head.

"yeah. im fine." the person grabs me and holds me on top of him.

"Austin!" I say out loud not meaning to.(oops)-I thought

"yup. its me." he says picking me up and trying to tie a rope around me.

I get out of his grip.

"boys" he hollars

then I see john, zack, and alex come running out.

Alex grabs me. I leg sweep him and he falls to the ground. then zack comes and I kick him knocking him out for a couple of minutes. then Austin and john come out of nowhere behind me grab me and quickly ties a rope around my hands. I flip  out of there grip and side kick john in his head. out cold. I smiled proudly.

"oooo shes a fighter alex says.

then I get a coth covering, also in my mouth. three guys had to carry me to there black van.(oooooo spooky) and put me in the back and close the doors. I start pounding on the doors and kicking them. trying to scream. then I hear car doors open and close then I become silent. I don't know why but I do.  I have no idea how long we have been driving but it seemed like it took for ever. then we stopped. then I hear the car doors. then foot steps getting closer.

they open the doors.

"well at least you are in a hot outfit." alex says smirking

"now if we untie the mouth cover will you not scream?" zack asks

I nod my head. of course I will. I don't want to get KILLED!!! they removed the cover. and I don't scream or say anything for a fact.

"good girl" alex says

they gesture me to come out and then to close my eyes. I guess so I don't know where im at. then one of them put there and over them to make sure. as we walk I have no idea where were going. so I stumble over things.

"wow. watch your step" they say. but nicly for some reason.

after about 3 minutes we stop.

"you can open your eyes now sweetie Austin said.

so I open them. were in a room with a table and chairs like one of those questioning rooms in CSI and those other cop shows. we all sit down and I put my feet upon the table for one, to annoy them IF it does and for another, my feet hurt.

I just stay silent as the guys are talking. I almost fell asleep when some one shook me lightly "don't fall asleep" john said

"fine. so why did you take me here?" I ask

"because its fun" Austin said smiling

I roll my eyes."i swear almost everything that comes out of your mouth I have to roll my eyes" I say

"huh. never heard that one before" Austin said like he is thinking"usually girls fall for me for my looks and talents"

I just burst out laughing. Im seriously dieing.

"what do you think is so funny" zack asks laughing a little to

"I-...I-.." I just cant speak im laughing so hard.

"man Austin." alex says

after about 10 more minutes I stop. out of breath and my stomach acing.

"so.." I say out of breath "what are you going to do with me and how long will I be here"

"oh nothing sweetie and as long as we want" Austin said

"also quit calling me sweetie"

"sorry sweetie not happenin. it just annoys you so that's why I do it"

I sigh.

"so.. where you from?" zack asks

"Michigan" I say

"nice." john says

"oh im going to have los of fun with you" alex say sitting down next to me 4 inches from my face/

"in y'alls dreams." I say

then some ones phone rings. its Austin.

"hello?" he says

then as soon as the caller starts talking he stiffens up.

"um yeah" he says nervously



"o-ok sir" then he hangs up

"we gotta go" he says straight and demanding

the boys start to leave.

"oh wait" alex says "we'll be back. stay right there"

then they leave.


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