when logan moves to a new school she meets the bad boy Austin but will Austin change or will she?????



Hi I'm Logan Reece Hanson. And I just moved her. I'm 16. have red hair, freckles, and blue eyes.
any ways I'm in a totally new state, almost across the country. luckly I had a walk through with this school. Or else I would have gotten lost. as I'm going to my locker some one taps me ont the shoulder. I  turn around.
"hi" this boy says
"uh hi?" I say
"I'm Jacob" he says holding his hand out.
"I'm Logan"
"your new here arnt you?" he asks. he is a pretty good looking kid.
I'll help you around"
even though I had a walk through it was still nice to get help. it turns out we have the same classes except for one. and he also introduces me to his friend nate.
I can tell were going to get along just one because after ten minutes we are laughing and acting lie we've known each other.
"well at least you have one class with nate"Jacob says
"yup" I say popping the p
the bell rings and we head to class.
some of the classes are great so far. except for one. English. I wanted to fall asleep so badly. but now its lunch time. at least nate is in my class so I go with him to lunch. as we walk towards Jacob I see this kid wereing a hat exactly like mine. it was black and had a rappers name on it exactly the same person. And the same look...everything was the same. but he wore his backwards.
"you'll want to stay away from him" jacib said as we sat down.
"yeah. he's the bad boy. also his buddies too. they call themselves the crew" nate said
"the crew?" I ask
"the kid with the hat that's the same as yours is Austin. he's like the leader. Then the one with the blue Beanie is Zack. then the one with the black hair is john." Jacob said
"and the one with the black Beanie is Alex." nate said
"oh" I only say
As we were talking I feel some one take my hat. I turn around.
"uh excuse me. that's mine."I say
"I know just shocked a girl is wearing it." it was Austin
"how?" I ask
"we'll see here girls don't listen to rap here."
"well I do now can you give me back my hat."
" sure thing sweetie. but if your going to wear it wear it right" he says putting it like his
"oooo she's a newbie" Alex says pulling a chair and sitting in it backwards
"ooo aren't you such a cutie" Austin says touching my nose
I roll my eyes. "OK. now can you please leave me alone"I say
"well we can't leave you here alone now can we?" Zack said
"uh she's not here alone she's with us" Jacob says
Austin looks at him.
"oh your here I didn't notice. because being here with you is like being alone"Austin says
I just sighed and rolled my eyes.
"oh darling its OK. we'll be company." Austin says smiling
he pulls up a chair and leans back putting his feet on the table.
he is wearing Air Jordan's that are black, grey, and red. like the ones I got on now.
"well that's a coincidence." I say
"what do you mean?" john asked
"me and Austin have the same shoes." I say putting my feet on the table.'but more sexy like':-P
"indeed we do" he says smiling "i like your taste. and your not pretty bad your self." he says with his feet down and like two Inches from my face.
"ha.ain't happen in" I say smiling
"oooooo" 'the crew" said
Austin chuckled.
"wait till boss hears this" Zack said
Austin shot him a look.
Zack put his hands up.
"okay'' I say slowly
the bell rings for lunch is over.
"see you around, sweetie" Austin said smiling
"um of he's bad why was he so nice?" I soumded like an idiot
"well maybe because your new or cause your just a girl" nate said
"yeah Im shocked he is, he is also the towns bad boy everyone knows him" Jacob said
"oh well that's some news" I say
"so I'll se you guys around I would stay here and chat at your locker Logan but I will be late, my class is all the way on the other side of the building" nate said
me and Jacob said goodbye then he ran off.
"so how does the whole town now about Austin?" I asked Jacob
"I can tell you that one" oh great Austin.
"you can go ahead Jacob. I'll be fine. I don't want to keep you waiting and be late to class." I say
"you sure" he asked
then he walked off looking behind him
"so its just me and you now"
"no plus your crew. now if you'll excuse me but I got to go"
he put his hand up on the locker to block my path.
"where you goin so soon?" he asked
"uh class"
"just stay a little longer please" he said smirking 2 inches from my face.
"in your dreams"
"ha. I'll be in yours"
I smile and push his arm out of my way. I hear him wistle. I roll my eyes. then I make it to class right on time.

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