i was at my friends house with my other friends. it was jack, max, Jacob, and alex. plus me. we were playing our favorite video games Call of Duty modern warfare 3, and Call of Duty Ghost. then alex gets a call.

"hello" he says we pause the game and listen to his conversation. we always to this to each other.

"oh yeah" "of course. I'm hangin out with my buds" "oh im sure they wont mind" "please come over" "yes" "ok see you soon" then he hangs up. we stare at him.

"what?" he asks

"who was that?" I ask

"youll see" he says. I hate when he does that. it seems like the rest of the boys know who the person is.i sigh and we get back to the game. after five minutes the game is over.

"ha. I win again" I say. im the best there is. then theres a knock at the door. alex smiles and gets up. he opens the door I hear a car getting locked then alex saying "come in"

and walks in a girl. she looks at us and puts her head down.

"are you sure im not interrupting or getting in the way?" she whispers

"yes, come on" alex says. I bet its his girlfriend. she still has her head down.

 but when she looks at the tv she brightens up.

"no way your playing MW3!" she says excited "some one give me a controller. please"

alex gives his to her.

"ok I want to do a one on one" she says looking around "who wants to play me?"

the boys look at me saying they don't want to play her.

"ok, I will " I say "but im the best so prepare" I say playfully

"we'll see about that" she says smiling

we start a match. I pick a sniper and a pistol. she picks a machine gun and a machine pistol.

after a couple minutes she is winning!! she killed me 12 ties already and I killed her only 5!! after 5 more minutes. the match is over.

"what?" I shout "how?" the final score was 38 to 23. she beat me.

she giggles. I sigh. "there goes my ego" she laughs. she has the cutest laugh. I just stare at her. she is so pretty, beautiful. I guess some one called my name repeatedly. because max yelled my name.


"huh, what"

"geez what were you day dreaming about! I hollerd your name five times!"

"sorry I didn't hear you" I say blushing a bit in embarrassment.

we keep playing for hours. we had so much fun!

"oh man I got to go" the girl says

"can you see is you can stay the night with us? please logan" alex asked logan. ok.

"I don't know. my parents. when I ask to sleep over with a bunch of guys. yeah" logan said

"please try"

"ok ill call be right back" then she heads outside.

"so what did you think of her Austin?" Jacob asks

"I like her" I say

"yeah. I do too. she moved her a couple of months ago." alex says

"man I cant believe she beat me. that seriously ruined my ego" I say

"ha. you got beat by a girl. Austin got beat by a girl" jack sang

"oh shut up" I say laughing

then logan comes back in.

"well...I can stay!" logan says excited "but your boys don't think about it" she says serious and pointing at all of us. we all put our hands up.

"ok so im starving when are we going to eat?" logan asks

"um where do you want to go?"

''hmm" she says thinking " how about McDonalds something simple"

"sure" jacob says

"I call driving!'logan shouts and runs out the door. and we all follow laughing.

she gets in her..truck? huh never thought. we all get in.but jack.

"theres no room" he says

"oh wait" logan says lifting the center consol. you can sit here or someone can move up here and you take there spot. I sat up but alex moved over. oh well. he smiles his flirty smile. uh oh. alex flirting. Logan blushes. oh man and shes falling for it.

"ok every one ready?" logan asks

"ready" we all say and were off.

"so where did you move from?" I asked

"Michigan" logan says

"cool. ive actually always wanted to go there" I say truthfully

"I love it there but I had to move because of my fathers work" she says

"what does your father work as"

"he is in the marines corp."

"oh cool!"

"yeah im goung to do that some day after high school."

after about five more minutes of talking we reach our food place.

''were here" jack says

"yes!" Jacob says

and we all get out. as were ordering logan was going  to take out money.

"no I got this" alex says. the flirt. again. it gets quite annoying.

"you sure?" she asks


when we get our food we head to a large table. and I try to sit next to logan but of course alex gets there first.

"i'll go get some ketchup" I say just to cool off but when I get up logan says

"i'll go to" im surprised she wants to come with me and not stay with alex.

she gets up and comes next to me and we start walking.

"ugh I know alex is flirting with me"

"you do?"

"yeah its pretty obvious."

"yeah some times it gets annoying"

she giggles. "so i heard about your music career. your a great singer" she says truthfully

"thanks. but no offense but im suprised that your not flirting with me"

"well. i dont know. im really not a flirter. but im actually suprised too." she shrugs.

we head back. and alex is flirting really bad as in soo much. but she plays along with im gonna have her in one of my music videos. i giggle at my thought.

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