The Elements

In a world similar to our own, Emmalie must deal with having powers unlike anyone she knows, she can control the elements. Meeting Taemin by chance, a boy with similar powers changes her life for the better, however unknown forces are trying to destroy her happiness and force the loneliness back into her heart. The only thing that will appease them is the rare Fire Orchid, which grows inside the active Mt. Etna. Will Emmalie succes in her task? And what will she learn about Taemin, the boy she grew to love and trust, along the way?




Right, so you know how the other day I said I'd update daily, (look how good I've been at that) well I can't for two reasons 1. My friends coming round and we are gonna watch anime 2. I AM COMPLETELY STUCK. Please help me, I got no clue what to do now. I will even make you a co-author if you want. Thanks, Skye.

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