Baby Styles

What happens when Audrey finds out she is pregnant with HARRY STYLES BABY he leaves her one day they reunite but will she love him or someone else from 1D find out in this story ;)


12. CH.9

Audreys POV:

Audreys POV:

Today i feel like just staying home relaxing cause Annabelle and Niall are spending the day together maybe i should call up Liam to ask him to join me

*ring ring*


L (actually Harry):hello

A:um who is this???

H:this is harry

A:oh um can i talk to Liam

H:oh Liams busy somewhere i dont know where he is

A:oh ok can you tell Lou to come and Zayn umm i guess you can come but it'll be awkward

H:its ok ive got plans

A:ok bye and tell them to bring their girlfriends i wanna meet them

H:ok bye 


now i start making breakfast for Avery and i 

for Avery i just made some cereal and for me a fruit salad i also made both of us smoothies YUMMY

Avery just woke up and when she saw cereal she gobbled it down soo fast and sipped up her smoothie when we were done we got ready for the day cause i dont want the girls and the guys thinking we're zombies

when we were all done getting ready the doorbell rang infront me i saw Zayn with his girldfriend Perrie i know that she looks so beautiful next i see Eleanor she was fabulous too it made me feel weak i dont believe im pretty

"Hey guys come in"i say and welcome them

"nice place you got here" Perrie and Zayn says

"thanks guys"

"hey i know Louis and Zayn can look after Avery and we'll go SHOPPING"

"ok lemme ask Avery, Avery Uncle Lou and Zayn will look after you im going out with Aunt Perrie and Aunt Elle Aunt Anne will be here soon with Uncle Niall ok sweetie"

"ok mama"Avery says as i peck her on the lips


*at shopping center aka the mall*


"hey before we go shopping can we go eat its 12 and i didnt eat anything yet"Perie whines

"fine lets go"I say while chuckling she is like a mixture of Harry Louis Zayn Niall im not really sure about Liam though anyways

we went to go sit down when we heard some giggling which was starting to annoy me so we turned around and see this brown haired girl and LIAM KISSING AND OMG

i quickly walked up to him

"i trusted you with everything thanks for helping me feel better"i say while crying i run into the girls toilet and hide in one of the stalls still sobbing like a baby i cant believe i told him my darkest secret and this is how he repays me i quickly take out my little mirror from my bag and smash it on the ground i quickly took one piece and slid it against my wrist thinking of every single bad thing ive been called my eyes start falling and then i hear someone opening the door

"AUDREY"perrie screamed

"AUDREY WAKE UP"Eleanor shout


those were the last words before i blacked out

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