Baby Styles

What happens when Audrey finds out she is pregnant with HARRY STYLES BABY he leaves her one day they reunite but will she love him or someone else from 1D find out in this story ;)


10. CH.8

Liams POV:

I never knew her past life was like that she was always such a happy girl but i still feel like there's something she isnt telling me

"There is something that i havent told you yet"

oh sh*t did i just say that out loud

"yes you did Liam anyways when my mom died word got spread the people at my school started bullying me physically and emotionally the teachers didnt care in fact they started too i fell in deep depression as i was also abused and i started self harming"

Audrey says as she starts to cry

"there were times i felt so worthless i tried committing suicide thinking that people wouldn't realize i was dead when i ran away to Annabelle the bullying didnt stop but at least the abusing did i was still depressed until i met harry he was my first true love thats until he left me i guess thats why i hate him so much"

when Audrey was finished talking i just hugged her soooo tight but not until i suffocated her "dont worry i'll protect you"i tell Audrey and then she smiles that beautiful smile of hers 


Audreys POV:

that was the first time i told somebody besides Annabelle but she didnt know that i self harmed though i started again after Harry left but i realized he wasnt worth it and i had a baby to protect

we arrived at my house well we realized we arrived Liam came and opened the door for me i giggled "what a gentlemen" me and liam walked up to the house i unlocked the door and when we went inside we found Annabelle and Niall making out on the couch

"well that was fast"Liam says

Niall and Annabelle pull away quickly and blush

 "next time dont make out on the couch guys"I say jokingly which wasnt funny at all actually oh wells

"wheres Avery?"Liam ask

i just love it when Liam cares for her 

"she went to bed"Niall says still blushing

"ok thanks guys bye"I say as i give a peck to liam on the cheeks as Annabelle does the same to Liam as they get into their car and go home





"you go girlfriend"I say OOPS I FORGOT AVERY WAS SLEEPING i go up to her room to check and she is still faaaaaaaaaaaaast asleep WOW i guess she is a very deep sleeper


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