The Proxy Twins- Dream Walkers

There are two kids with supernatural abilities have been called upon by the Red Cross to exterminate the mysterious Dream Killer, who enters the dreams of sinners and turns them upside down, leaving them with an unknown deadly disease. Kail, and Ursula Proxy, twins, must destroy the Dream Killer in his own game, and find the truth about their origins. Will they be able to save the day?


1. Prologue

It's dark. I'm feeling scared. A form passes by, Daddy, is that you? I'm alone, I'm all alone. I'm scared, where is everyone? I'm scared. Brother? Don't leave me!! Mommy, Daddy, stay!! I'm scared. Don't leave me all alone! I'm scared.



I'm scared....

In the darkness, lies many things. Of those things, are monsters, and demons, and devils. They take hold of your heart, and swallow you whole, leaving nothing behind but the memory of your existence. This is why hunters exist, because of the darkness, and the never ending threat against humanity. And this is why there is a war, between the hunters and the darkness, because the darkness needs to be permanently extinguished. 

By continuing with this, you are agreeing to the dangers of being associated with the hunters. The creatures of the darkness will come to take your soul. You must prepare. Leave your family and friends behind, and leave where you live. Never go into the dark, unless accompanied by a hunter, or unless you are confident in your hunting skills.

Above all, trust no one.

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