I'm bored outa ma mind so I'm deciding to do fanfics if you want one just tell me your name wat boy dirty or clean and any extra info. I will probs be online for the rest of the day so I'll try and get them done ASAP. And if your bored like me plz go and check out ma other movella


2. Irish

I think he had a bad day, he was sooooo angry, but I liked it. It was going to be a fun night. He through me on the bed. He started kissing me passionately while unbuttoning my shirt, I was getting so wet. He started kissing me down my neck, down my chest he stopped when he got to my pants, "you ready babe" I heard his deep Irish accent say. Before I knew it my pants were half way across the room, he started to eat me out oh god he was good! He moved his lips back up to mine he rubbed his dick on my clit a little be, and then entered me, getting faster with every thrust.

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