I'm bored outa ma mind so I'm deciding to do fanfics if you want one just tell me your name wat boy dirty or clean and any extra info. I will probs be online for the rest of the day so I'll try and get them done ASAP. And if your bored like me plz go and check out ma other movella


3. Beth

Where was my razor?!?! I need it, I need to cut I can't take it anymore! Liam walked into the room,"looking for these?" He asked with my razors in his hands.oh god he really did love me, I just wanted to marry him right here, right now. I pushed him onto the bed, jumping on top of him. I started to kiss him passionately, he started to unbutton my shirt. We rolled over so that he was on top of me, before I knew it he was inside of me getting faster and faster.

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