Dont Forget were you belong

Zayn Malik misses his family. He decides to take a brake, but soon changes his mid when he gets starstruck by a fan. Will they fall in love?


3. tweets and thoughts

Zayns p.o.v.

I called a taxi and they picked me up on the other side of my house, where there was only 2 paps and about 9 fans. I waved to them and got in. I had to do this. I had to take a break for my own sake. But would I be letting down the other boys? I would never ever want to do that. I didn't want to create any weird attention from the taxi driver so I just simply said, airport plz. I took out my phone and checked twitter. There was hate tweets, love tweets, sad tweets and more. But one was nice. One was great. From @cuteboys_life. So I replied:

@cuteboys_life you amazing directioner. It feels great to know at least 1 person in the fandom respects me now. You make me strong <3

The taxi arrived at the airport. I was late for my flight, so I ran. They were just about to close the gates. I got on, and I remembered- wait, I'm on a private jet! I'm famous, they were waiting for me.

I hadn't told anyone yet, but I was now single. Perrie and I needed a break, and we would get back together later, if we needed to. I had to tell the world. Management would be soooo glad! So I tweeted.

Thanks for all the support! Just to let everyone know, I'm now single. :) anyway, on the plane now. Hopefully be back soon x

Then I fell asleep.

You worthless little crap! You son of a...

MR. Malik! MR. Malik!

Son of a mr. Malik? I thought. I slowly fluttered my eyes open. Oh. It was a dream.

"Mr Malik! Coke, sprite, juice, tea, coffee, or achohol? We are almost there!" The flight attendant asked.

"Uh, just coke please." I replied.

She smiled and pulled out a coke. I opened my backpack and took out my iPhone.

I went to Safari and searched 'zayn Malik'. In the suggestion bar, came Perrie and zayn, zayn Malik break up, zayn Malik hates fans, zayn Malik single.

Oh my goodness. This is going to be a well-deserved break.

A/N hi readers! Thanks for reading and sorry for the short and late update... please comment, favourite and like! Thanks for your support!

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