Dont Forget were you belong

Zayn Malik misses his family. He decides to take a brake, but soon changes his mid when he gets starstruck by a fan. Will they fall in love?


1. Moving

Zayns p.o.v.

I check my twitter page. Wow it was bombarded with things about my choice like:

@Zayn_Malik don't leave

@Zayn_Malik you never let us down, please stay

And then the hate ones-

@Zayn_Malik Yay good job mate. You finally relized you dont belong in one direction. Good choice

@Zayn_Malik Badbye good job letting fans down... Jks im happy, actually having a party right now... Bad luck with your new life!

A tear trickled down my cheek. I didnt want to do this. I wanted to stay. Too late now. I typed back to  all the fans:

I will miss you guys. To my peers @one direction @Real_Liam_Payne @louis_tomlinson @harry_styles @NiallOfficial thank you. All of you. I will hopefully be back soon.

At this point, the boys were out for a walk to clear their mind. Still, Niall tweeted

@Zayn_Malik - you will be dearly missed mate. Hopes up for you to come back. The boys and I cant stop crying mate ! Good luck x

I RAN. I just ran out the door. I cried. I forgot about everything and got stuck in a pool of fans and paps. I groaned. I wasnt ready for this. 

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