Dont Forget were you belong

Zayn Malik misses his family. He decides to take a brake, but soon changes his mid when he gets starstruck by a fan. Will they fall in love?


2. Choices

I fake smiled to the fans and the paps. They shot questions like:
"Why are you leaving, do you hate your fans and friends?"

"Does Perrie agree to this?"

"Do you still like Louis, Liam, Harry and Niall?"

"Will you ever come back?" 

I Ignored them. I couldnt think. I just looked around and cried. I made my way back inside, got packed up then walked out the door. I was really doing this.


Abby p.o.v.

Zayn came out of his hotel. I felt sorry for him. He looked so lost. I smiled at him. He didnt notice anything. When he came out, he looked so shocked.I guess he forgot who he was. He was so in his own world. Ignoring all fans and paps, he walked back inside. A tear fell down my cheek. I didnt want him to do this. I dont think he did either. I was the biggest directioner, and I felt for Zayn. He must be so heartbroken. 

I went on twitter. My name was - cuteboys_life. 

I tweeted to Zayn - @Zayn_Malik you will be dearly missed. I respect your decision, and anyone who dosent should just back off. I love you with all my heart and mate, look at all your followers. I think it is right to take a break. Cant wait for you to come back ! goodbye x



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