Oli and me

Holly is just the normal (well in her world )teen girl whose obsessed with bands like bring me the horizon suicide silence peirce the viel falling in reverse sleeping with sirens etc. she's lost in her own world where only things and people she knows and loves exist until she meets the guy of hers dreams but remember the greatest love only comes after heartbreak


1. when life gets warped

Narrator: it was her first time at warped tour and despite all the planing and researching and hours of time spent begging her parents to let her go and saving money for merch she somehow manged to end up on the ground in the middle of a wall of death and just as it was about to start the lead screamer of her favorite band of all time oli sykes saw her lying there on the ground helpless and terrified of course people were pretty pissed off when he called of the whole thing.

Oli's p.o.v: how could I let a girl that beautiful get hurt like that I have to go save her ( oli jumps off stage into the crowd).

Narrator: oli jumped off the stage and people are cussing him but he doesent care all he's thinking about is getting to her he dosent say anything he just picks her up off the ground and carries her back on stage and he notices three things

Oli's p.o.v I picked her up off the ground and I noticed three things first of all she seems much to light for her age I imagine she's about nineteen , her ankle is black blue and swollen ,and there are cuts on her legs

narrator: oli walked up on stage and with the girl still in his arms he picks up the the mic and asks her what her name is she says it's holly and he asks her if she watched the interveiw where they asked what his favorite girls name is she shakes her head yes and she pretty much in tears he asks her to repeat what he said she says you said holly is the best girls name cause it's pretty much oli with an H and he also sees she wearing day drop dead t shirt

Oli's pov : do you see this girl I yelled into the crowd do you see her ankle they said nothing I ask again I said do you see her fucking ankle they all scream yes back did you not see her lying on the ground in tears let me ask you guys and be honest if your wearing a real drop dead tshirt come up on stage no one moves raise your hand if you own a drop dead tshirt or anything drop dead no one moves

narrator: Oli's so pissed he throws the mic on the ground and walks off stage holly still in his arms heading to the bus

holly's pov: this is probly the most amazing day of my life she tought to herself oli opened the door to the bus and gently layed her down on his bunk he sits down angrily on the couch and breathes very frustrated breaths I finally decided to speak up when lee and Matt n burst trough the door

Matt n: what the hell were you thinking oli you just ruined warped for all of us


Did you not see her lying there on the ground crying and helpless what if that was you huh If that was me I would've wanted somebody to save me are you telling me you were gonna sit there and let her get crushed huh you know what just get the fuck out of here


And with that they left slaming the door behind them and cussing us while doing it oli threw himself on lee's bunk and we sat in silence for what seemed like ages I finally said something sorry I manged to get out in a hushed tone he turned around and looked me in the eyes don't be

Hey guys if you want me to I'll go back through the passage and put in punctuation if you want me too it confuses some people anyways idk hope you enjoy this and it shouldn't take me too long to update this so yea

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