My Best Friend From 1D

My name is Kate I love Harry, Hes my bestfriend but I noticed that he blushs when im around. I hope my future is bright right?


1. Who are you?

I was sleeping on my bed when I woke up and felt a weird feeling.He dipped his head , nudging mine to the side before I felt his lips press to the skin of my neck. The ends of his curly hair tickled my cheek. He reluctantly released one of my arms so he could hold the back of my head. Preventing me to escape. I instantly placed my free hand on his chest in protest, attempting to push him away as I felt him harshly suck.

"I can Tell your gonna be a challenge" He almost growled " I like that" The Man smirked.
"Who are you?" I Asked trying to nudge my way out of the mans grip
I fisted the front of his shirt in between my knuckles ; The sharp pain intensified as his teeth grazed the skin His Cheeky teeth grinding laugh fanned over the area I desperately struggled against. Harrys hands saw they're way to the area that should never be touched. I couldn't make out his face. Who was He? How did he get into my home? Do I know him? Why didn't he reply? How am I gonna tell my bestfriends Harry and Niall I got raped? How will they reply? I noticed the Man had curly hair that reminded me of Harry. I like Harry well LOVE him and I don't think he likes me like that. But I noticed the man had a six pack and two or three tattoos maybe he is out of the wanted or something. My hair is in my face the whole time the boy was raping me. He held my arms once again to keep me from being released from his grip. If only I could gain enough strength to get released. Im only 73 pounds and im not strong but this guy he was furious just pissed off. I could sorta see at this point and the man he looked sort if like Harry but I couldn't make out the features of his face. I tried to shake my head to move my hair out of my face. The man grabbed my head and held it as he released my body for one moment. I got up and tried to leave but the man grabbed me and slammed me on the mattress.

"Your rough I like it!" The man said " Any rougher we will get Harder" He said angrily.

"Stop please!" I said my eyes tearing up as I were trying to escape.

"Don't say shit again bitch" He looks at me with a devil green orb.

"I want to leave please let me go" I say sobbing

"Close your eyes, And count to 20 and I will let you go" He said with now a calming british accent

"1.......2........3........F-4 ............5.........6......7...." I counted the rest and I wiped my tears away and I got up and looked around for the man. there was no sign of him. I walked to my closet and got a t-shirt and underwear and walked to the front of my apartment. I looked around to see the front door was wide open. I closed it and locked it. I walked to my room and looked at my phone and saw my phone was flashing a text message. One was from Niall and one was from Harry

From: Niall        To: Kate

Hey Love! What's up? Wanna Hang Out Today? Me You And Harry! Text Me if you wanna

Reply: Hey Niall, I really have something important to tell you and harry come over around 5:20 Im not feeling so well today just stop by my apartment . Thanks! Bye Bye

From: Hazza      To:Kate

Whats up beautiful? We should Hang out today? Me you and Niall? Text me!

Reply: Heyy Harry, I have something really important to tell you and Niall so come on over at 5:15 so we can talk. When you get to my Apartment Just walk in

I wanted Harry over earlier so I could tell him the way I felt about him. Niall was like my Irish brother, Harry was and is my love and I hope he feels the same or ill just DIE! When my friend ariana told him I loved him I exploded! I don't talk to her anymore because she did that! So Harry started blushing and asked me if that was true. And of course I said Yes

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