Forever and Always

John has just proposed to Merideth, when fate takes a turn for the worst. Will John survive his tragic acciedent on the night of the big anouncement?

This is dedicated to one of my favorite songs, Forever and Always by Parachute


2. The Hospital

I park in the hospitals huge parking lot and run to the entrance. I walk up to the front desk and tell them my name, John's name and ask what room he's in. The lady says he's in critical care so he's on the 2nd floor room 7; his lucky number. I ask her to lead me there so she leads me down the endless maze of hallways. She tries to explain what happened, but all I hear is a whining noise and the questions jumping around in my head. When we get to his room, I try to keep all emotion hidden as I look at his dying body. I see braces on his kneck, legs, and his right arm. I rush to his bedside and hold his hand too tight, seeing it turn white. I left go a little but just enough to cause circulation again. 

 I try to lift his spirits by talking about the future that we have planned; the kids, the perfect house on a hillside in Georgia where we would stay together forever, and grow old together. 



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