Guitar Strings

I'm Dannie I just met Niall but I love him. We go on a date and start to date. But is it worth it? Will he be there for me? Will we break up or live happily ever after? If those exist.


2. Chapter Two

I woke up around 8:40 and say Kiki was sleeping still so I took a shower. When I was done I got dressed in a white cross tee shirt that said "sick girl" on it and pink pants with white trim. And my pink converse. I threw a pillow at Kiki making her jump. "Get up loser and call Chris to see if he can go bowling with us!" I said laughing at her reaction. "Okay where's my phone?" she said stretching I shrugged I put my hair into a side braid. And did my makeup. I was telling Kiki to get in the shower before the boys came when I heard a knock on the door. That's weird Cassidy and Tyson weren't supposed to be here until noon but knowing Cassi she'd probably be here around 11:00 in which case it was only 9:30. I ran to the door to see who it was. Outside my door stood Harry Niall Zayn Louis and Liam. My heart started racing as I said "well aren't you guys early?" They all laughed. I invited them inside for tea they all agreed. While I was making it Kiki came out and screamed. I ran to the living room to see Niall and Harry on the floor laughing while Louis Zayn and Liam were around the hallway entrance. Kiki stood there with her hand over her mouth trying not to freak out. I shook my head and walked away. There was a note on the table which said. <Danielle I will be working late and I have to go to texas for a funeral so I will see you in a couple weeks love you! And papa is coming with me call me if you have any problems. P.s. I left $40.00 in the china closet in case you start dating one of those boys. P.p.s. have fun.... BUT not too much fun love M>.  Oh yeah forty bucks! I finished making the tea and brought it to the boys they thanked me and we talked about what we were going to do today. Niall said when it was silent "Dannie two things one you look very pretty today. And you didn't answer my question yesterday." I cocked my head to the side questioningly. "Awe thank you. And what question?" "How old are you?" "Oh I'm 16 Kiki will be 16 in a couple of months." He nodded smiling.  "Why?" I asked looking at his eyes. Which were the bluest blue there was. "Oh I was going to ask you- uh never mind I'll tell you later."  [Niall] I was going to ask her out but I wasn't sure if she felt the same way. Plus we only met yesterday so I'm pretty sure she wouldn't date someone she just met. I needed someway to ask her but not si straight forward. She looked so pretty in the simplest things. Kiki was pretty to her boyfriend is lucky to have her. Dannie and I just stared at each other for a bit. I looked down at the floor knowing I was blushing. Maybe I should ask her. But if she says no it might ruin our friendship. I won't. For now.  [Dannie]  I half smiled when there was another knock on my door. Probably Cassi And Tyson. Wait was Niall about to asked me out? No doubt it. I opened the door to see Cassi Tyson and Chris standing there. "Are you going to give us a hug or?" Cassidy asked after a minute of staring. I hugged her and Tyson. They all walked in. Kiki and I introduce the Brits as Kiki calls them even thou Niall is Irish. I sat back down by Niall. When Cassidy asked if Niall and I were dating I got the chills. I'm sure he did too. "No we just met we are just really good friends that's all right Niall?" He nodded slightly smiling.  [Niall] Friend zoned. Perfect.  Dannie  "Can we go bowling now." I said trying to get throught an awkward moment. There was a combination of "yeah""yep""ye ah" we started walking since it wasn't very far. We walked up the road making loud noises in the streets. We got to the top of my road and it seemed like we were all in our own groups. Kiki was walking with Chris Cassidy and Tyson while I was walking with Louis Liam Zayn Harry and. Niall. I really liked them they were lik the best brothers/best friends that I've ever had. But Niall he was more than that he seemed like the kind of boy who doesn't reall care what a girl looks like, as long as she is able to make him laugh and make him feel loved.  He also was sensitive and careful but also carefree.Harry seemed like the type who would be your best friend who can tell him anything and trust him with your secrets. Then there is Liam who is like a big brother and is sensitive and adorable. Louis is like a sister he's sassy and funny. He's always cheerful but when you need to talk he's there. Zayn he is just plain the best person for watching movies he acts tough but he's a softy. Yeah I I'm not sure about things. I was silent between us but it wasn't necessarily awkward but I wasn't normal either. We were about half way there when Louis and Niall slowed down and were now behind us so I was now with Liam Zayn and Harry. Every now and then I'd hear my name but I just shrugged it off.   [Kiki] Cassidy Tyson Chris and I walked in front of Dannie to give her and Niall a chance to talk. But all I heard was silence. I could tell Dannie had feelings for Niall. You could honestly see it. He was into her. He looked at her so........ Different like it was almost how I was with Chris but they don't know it. I turned around to see that Niall and Louis started to slow down and talked I wanted to badly what they were talking about. We passed Dannie's cousins house Michele-I noticed something Danielle Michelle- she was out side with her friend Halle. I waved they waved back. Niall caught up with Dannie and pulled her back. Ooh talk time I ginned and turned back to Chris holding his hand as we walked.  [Niall] Louis pulled me back to talk. About Dannie. I really liked her so I've been trying to stay quiet so I wouldn't say something stupid. I'm not sure why but she seemed so nervous around me. Maybe she liked me back. Or maybe she doesn't want to talk to me. Yikes not a win win situation. "Mate do you like her?" Lou asked quietly "Do I like who?" I asked in return. "Don't play dumb Niall. Dannie." When he said that she turned slightly but I don't think she noticed. "Yes." I said finally giving in "I do but how do I tell if She's into me? I've never felt like this before I mean I can't even tell if we are friends or more. It's driving me mad and I can't do anything about it." I said pulling my own hair. I have doing that a lot lately. Well since i met her. Lou shook his head and looked at me. "Niall you need to tell her. I'm for sure Dannie likes you but I think she's scared of falling." I nodded understandingly. "I dunno she just makes me so happy and I don't know what I would do without her. I mean i just never feel like this towards anyone when i first saw my heart absolutely stopped. At first I thought she was gunna fall for Harry. Cause he saw her first but now it doesn't seem like that." I said putting my hands in my pocket. "You need to talk to her." Lou said before walking off. I went up to Dannie and asked if we could talk I saw Kiki grin and look away. She's weird that for sure. "Hey Dannie can I uh ask you something?" I asked nervously she nodded looking at me. Her eyes were so pretty. I wanted to kiss her right then and there without saying another word or a second thought. "Ok well I have this friend who likes this gurl and he's not sure if she likes him back. He wanted to tell her he has feelings for her but if she doesn't feel the same way it could ruin their friendship. What should he do?" She nodded thinking. "Well I would probably just ask but not be too straight forward maybe like. Compliment her and maybe lean in or something like that yeah." She said. That helped but not much.   [Dannie] We finally got to the bowling alley. And it was empty. I was friends with one of the employees. "Hey Danielle what are you up to now?" She asked I smiled "Amy you're open right?" I asked she shook her head. "No we aren't. But. I'm in charge today and ill give you a free day if you take me for dinner next week." She said smiling I agreed and she locked the door and turned on the black light making my shirt glow. She set us up to bowl this was the order they went in. Kiki Tyson Harry me then Niall on one team and on the other was Cassidy Zayn Chris Louis and Liam. We put on our shoes and started. I sat down and waited for my turn. It was now Harry's turn. Niall came and sat by me. "So is it true you don't know how to bowl?" He asked I nodded grinning. "Well how about I teach you?" "Uhm I do-" I didn't finish my sentence. Niall grabbed my hand and stood me up. It was my turn. Niall grabbed the lightest ball and placed it in my hands. I put my fingers through the holes and stood there. Niall came up behind me and wrapped one hand around my waist and the other on my hand that had the ball in it. He walked me to the line. "Okay now swing your arm back then forward then let go." Niall whispered in my ear. Oh my wow I just wanted to turn around and kiss him so bad. I did what he said but he kept his hands on me. I let go of the ball. It was going done the line and strike. I jumped up excited. Niall picked me up. I looked straight at him. "There was no friend you were talking about yourself weren't you?" I asked smirking. "Well I-" he began "Blah blah blah shut up and kiss me." I demanded he leaned in and our lips touched. We kissed. He licked my bottom lip and wrapped his arms tighter around my waist. I could only smile the perfect first kiss with the perfect guy. Now I was completely sure he liked me.  [Kiki] It was Chris's turn on our team. I looked over at Dannie who was just sitting in a chair. She looked focused on the pins. Niall came and sat by her saying something but I couldn't tell what. They stood up and began to walk. Niall handed Dannie a ball. He put his arm around her waist and helped her bowl. It went down and hit the pins. She got a strike.  She looked so happy then her and Niall were talking. She grabbed his cheeks and kissed him. He wrapped hand arms around her tight. I stood jaw touching to floor.  Everyone had the same expression. He was like 5 inches taller than her which made it cuter.  [Dannie] I let go and looked up at him. His eyes were dark blue now. He was gorgeous. He smiled looking down at me his hands still around my waist. I looked over at Kiki who was in full shock so was everyone else. I buried my face in Niall's chest and just listened to the music. We went and sat back down. Food started coming after we were on our fifth part of the first game we all piled over to the food Niall and I shoving to get through. "Well how was that kiss?" Kiki asked standing by me. I licked my lip and turned to her smiling. "Don't tell me it was your first kiss." She said looking at me I nodded. She hugged me" I knew he liked you Ellie." She said letting go. Honestly I was speechless. Niall glided his hand a crossed my back and then walked off. Smooth. I rolled my eyes. We finished our game and a slow song came on. "You want to dance babe?" Niall asked holding his hand out to me. We walked to the part of the bowling alley was just hard wood floor. He took my hand in his. His hands on my waist my hands around his neck. We danced moving closer every second. Suddenly I felt my head on his chest. "Dannie there something I need to tell you." Niall said after a moment. "Yes Ni." I replied. "I love you. When I first saw you I knew you were the one. Besides I fell for not only your looks but your heart. Will you please be my girlfriend?"  Niall asked pausing a few times. I pulled away. I looked t him and said "Yes Niall. I will. I thought you'd never ask." I said before returning to rest my head on his chest. "Niall you were my first kiss." I said closing my eyes. "Really well if I'd have known that I would have made it better." He said chuckling. "No it couldn't have been better. Niall I love you too." I said he smiled kissing my forehead.  [Kiki] I watched them dance. "Awe Christopher why don't you treat me like that?" i asked dancing with Chris. I was happy for Dannie she was happy. Niall was happy everyone was happy. We danced there were three song after that which were slow. I was glad that we came here or Dannie wouldn't have kissed him. I think this is how Chris and I met. I think when I first moved here everyone on our three streets invited me to the bowling alley since I was new to town. Chris and I were on a team and we instantly became friends I liked him but he didn't like me then but that was back in 7th grade we are now high schoolers. We are seniors yeah that's right we jumped a grade. Oh my wow I just thought of something. Prom. That was only two weeks away. As we walked back home. Well to Dannie's house I couldn't help but look back at her and Niall every 5seconds. They were laughing and bumping each other. They both blushed a lot. I've noticed that they are alike in someways. But I couldn't tell them right away. My thoughts were interrupted by"Hey I have to go home it's my moms birthday I'll see you later thou ok baby." Chris said kissing my cheek. "Oh ok maybe you can come over later?" I asked he nodded and walked away.  [Dannie] Chris left and Kiki came to stand by me and Niall. "So what did I miss?" Kiki asked excitedly. "Uh well Niall and I are dating now." I said turning away. She looked at me in shock. "I knew you guys like each other. You are going to be the perfect couple. Everyone at school will be jealous. Wait are you guys going to school with us?" She asked as she directed her attention to Niall. "Yes we are what grade at you guys in?"  "We is seniors." I said enthusiastically. He grabbed my hand intertwining fingers. Kiki stood by me and occasionally smiling at me. We finally got home well my house and the boys followed. Kiki Harry Cassidy Louis Tyson Zayn Liam Niall and I piled on the couch and watched stupid shows on TV. "It's only 5:00 why don't we just have a movie night?" I asked standing up. They all agreed. "Ok Danielle we will be back we'll get pajamas and sweets or what ever." Harry said stretching. I nodded. "Wait your name is Danielle I thought it was just Dannie." Niall said. "Where have to been Niall we all knew that." Said Liam shaking his head. "Yeah kiki calls me Ellie." I said shrugging. Niall raised his eyebrows confused.  They left to get stuff for our movie night. Cassidy Kiki and I went to my room and got into sweat pants and baggy over the shoulder shirts. Tyson was still in the living room I went to my brothers room and and grabbed basketball shorts and A T-shirt. I threw it to him and he went to change in my brothers room. We walked back into the living room and started pulling blinds down.  [Niall] I'm honestly the happiest person alive right now. I'm just so happy Dannie and I are dating. "Mum you will never believe what happened today." I yelled from my room. I grabbed sweat pants and ran down stairs. "What can I not believe sweetheart?" My mum asked. "I have a girlfriend. And she's absolutely adorable." I said sitting and spinning in an office chair. She looked at me confused. "Niall James Horan little lover boy. How? You've been here for two days, protected a gurl you don't know, went to the bowling alley and now you have a gurlfriend. You haven't had a first date." She said turning around from the kitchen. "Okay first of all the gurl I protected is the one I'm dating. Two she was our tour guide. Three we went to the bowling alley with her and that was our first date." I said sassing my mother. Wow I need to spend less time with Louis. Just then my phone rang. It was Zayn.  Zayn: Mate are you ready we are all waiting for you outside. Me: yeah I was just talking to my mum be out in a minute ok Zayn: ok hurry.  Me: ok I'm coming  I put my phone back in my pocket. "Mum I'm going to spend the night at Dannie's house." I said walking to hug my mum. "Is that a new friend you've made?" She asked hugging me "No mum she's my gurlfriend." I said. She raised her eyebrows. Please don't tell me I can't go. "Okay Niall have fun." She said enthusiastically. I walked outside and met back up with the rest of the boys. Then we walked back o Dannie's.  [Dannie] " So how was your first kiss?" Cassidy asked. I smiled and shrugged. "Well it was good. Like really good. I liked him since we met I just wasn't sure he liked me. Then again when I was at Harry's house he kissed my hand and called me gorgeous." I said blushing. "Awe that's adorable." Cassi said. "Are you guys going to date or?" She asked "Oh we are dating he asked me at the bowling alley." I said popping bags of popcorn. "You guys are going to be the cutest couple. But I can't believe how fast you said yes. I mean I would've said yes after like the first date." Cassi said. I shook my head putting popcorn into bowls. We grabbed sodas and took them into the living room. "I don't see how it's a big deal. I mean I like him he likes me. And technically that was like our first date. Sort of." I said putting chips into a bowl. "Well the fact that Niall was your first kiss is a big deal. And that you were stressing over not knowing." Kiki said I handed some bowls to Kiki and some to Cassi and we took them to the living room. "We are back!" Lou said walking into my house. We all sat on my couch. Cassidy and Tyson sitting by each other Louis Liam and Zayn sitting by each other then Kiki me and Niall. We watched Carrie, wakewood more scary movies and funny ones. Niall and I laid down on the couch. We talked about each other quietly so no one would hear. I looked at my phone 9:17. I laid my head on Niall's chest. I heard his heart beating it was calming. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to his side. He played with my hair and kissed my forehead every once and a while. I looked up at him and said "Ni what's the best thing that's ever happened to you?" He didn't hesitate "Babe your the best thing. I love you so much more than you could ever imagine." He said kindly and softly. I fell asleep when Liam played Monster Inc. [Cassidy] I kept looking over at Dannie and Niall. They were the cutest couple well not as cute as Tyson and I. But pretty close. I don't think I've ever seen her this happy before. She REALLY REALLY liked him and he REALLY REALLY liked her. Perfect match. I snugged up to Tyson it was starting to get cold. "Sweetheart your shivering are you ok?" Tyson asked after a bit. "Yeah I think I'll just turn up the heater." I said. I walked over to the thermostat 68 degrees. Brrrr. There could be icicles hanging from the ceiling. I turned it up and the heat immediately came on. Monsters Inc was over. I looked over to see Liam and Harry walking into the kitchen they stared whispering. I couldn't tell what about so I walked into the kitchen with them. "Why are you guys whispering?" I asked eating some chips. "When is the prom?" Liam asked ignoring my question. "Uh in about a week and a half why?" I asked sounding more interested. "Has Dannie got her dress yet?" Harry asked still ignoring my question. "No I don't think so. Kiki Dannie and I were going to but kinda blew it off." I said coming closer "Ok Cassidy we are going to get Niall in this to but you and Kiki need to go with Dannie to get prom dresses. Niall will get a tux and have a special evening with Dannie. It's kinda hard to explain but we will figure it out. But since Dannie is Niall's girlfriend now we want to make it more special." Liam said caring. I nodded. "Ok we'lltalk about this more in the morning ok? I'm really tired."  They nodded and followed me to the couch. I fell asleep on    Tyson's chest. 
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