Guitar Strings

I'm Dannie I just met Niall but I love him. We go on a date and start to date. But is it worth it? Will he be there for me? Will we break up or live happily ever after? If those exist.


3. Chapter Three

[Dannie] When I woke up everyone was still sleeping including Niall. It was really hot so I went to my room and changed into my fuzzy shorts. Much better. I decided to make my besties and my boyfriend breakfast. Wow the word boyfriend sounds better when you have one. I laughed to myself at that thought. I walked into the kitchen braiding my hair. I got out pancake mix bacon and eggs. I poured pancake mix into a bowl and milk and began to stir. I poured it on the pan little Micky Mice. When I was done I started on the bacon and eggs. I felt hands around my waist. Who ever it was kissed my cheek and said "Good morning sweetheart." Who am I kidding I knew exactly who it was. Niall. Well unless it was Cassidy she's done that to me before. I turned around it was Niall. Good cause if it was Cassi who knows what  Tyson would say. I smiled. "Hey Niall you hungry?" I asked flipping the food on the pan. "Yes I am but I won't eat until everyone's up. Do need help with anything?" Niall asked thoughtfully.  "Oh gentleman are we? Yes can you set the table for me please?" I asked putting everything on plates. Niall put out plates forks spoons and knives. I put a plate on my hand and the other two on my forearms ketchup and syrup and butter in the other hand. "Wow that's amazing. How did you learn to do that?" Niall asked amazed. I set the food on the table and said. "Well Ni my mom was a waitress and she taught me." He smiled.    I went to the living room and grabbed pillows. I threw them at everyone who was sleeping. I really need a new way to wake people up. "Get up guys breakfast!" I said. They all sprung up and ran to the table. Wow they are like wolves. We ate as much as there was. When we were done Harry and Liam kept looking at me. I don't know why so I tried to ignore it. "Niall Lou Zayn and Tyson can we see you outside along with Cassidy and Kiki?" Liam said standing up. I raised my eyebrows. Fine then don't invite me. They all walked outside my house. I put the dishes into the dish washer and went to get dressed. I came out with my blue dress with the cowgirl matching sweater shirt thing. I put my makeup on then sat on the couch. Holy crap they've been outside forever. I took my phone out of my backpack there were six messages. Three from my cousin Michelle two from my grandma and one from my brother.  Read the one from my brother Isaiah which said <Hey sis what are you doing? I saw you walk to the bowling alley but I didn't ask. When you get this maybe me you and Kiki can go to that one restaurant you like. Since I forgot your birthday. Okay? IIsTheMan> I replied because I knew he wouldn't leave me alone until I did. < Hey do you think we can go after a couple of days I kinda have my hands full with my friend things and I still have to get a dress for prom ok sorry love you!> I looked out the window the were still outside talking. I hate the fact that I didn't know. Next I read the ones from Michelle < Dannie oh my gosh I just saw you walking with the cutest guys! Who are they? MichelleLuvzYou> I didn't want to reply I was kind of mad for them not letting me be apart. So I started thinking about Niall I really liked him but i Was sort of regretting saying yes. I don't know why. Well I guess it's because we don't really know each other. But then again we talked about ourselves last night do its not a huge deal. Mmm I didn't want to think cause I knew I would over think. Grrr. To get mind of things I called Michelle.  Michelle: hey you never answered me who are they? Me: oh right ok well the curly is Harry brown but shaved is Liam uh one with flippy brown hair is Louis the one with black hair is Zayn and the blonde is Niall... My uh boyfriend  Michelle: what how are you dating someone? You've never dated anyone. Wait a minute -she was probably going to ask if we kissed- Me wait for what? Michelle Yoooou kissed! Didn't you?  Everyone walked in Me sorry tell you later bye.  I sat in the corner of the couch I then noticed that Harry was outside with Niall.    I looked at the glass door which looked completely transparent. My eyebrows shot up because I knew what was going to happen. Louis went to go open the door but I stopped him. They both hit the glass making me laugh. I couldn't tell if anyone else was laughing. They both walked in I was on the ground laughing. Everyone looked at me especially Niall and Harry. Every time I looked back up at them I would laugh harder. And my sides were starting to hurt. I couldn't even see anything. I don't even know why I was laughing so hard either it's happened to me before at a county fair. I was with my cousins and we went into a mirror maze. We tied our hands behind our backs and decided to run through. I smacked my face on the window. Somehow I thought it was funny. So I laughed. Hard too. I realized I was daydreaming when a pair of hands went around my waist. I opened my eyes to see it was Niall. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. "Niall put me down." I demanded through a Fit of giggles. "Dannie you laughed this is your punishment." He said obviously smirking. Why wasn't anyone helping me? "Ni please my sides hurt." I said making my point he put me down but he spinned me making me face away from him the he sat down pulling me down to his lap. I leaned back on his chest. "That's true love shit right there." Harry said eating a banana. I shook my head. Where did he get the banana we don't even have any but I want one. "Harry where did you get that?" I asked sitting up slightly "uh I found it. Don't look it was the last one why?" "So you got it from my pantry?" "Yes." "Then I want some." I said taking the banana from him I leaned back on Niall eating it. "Whoa whoa whoa did you just take that?" Harry asked taken with my actions. I nodded smiling I finish the last of it and threw it away. We sat there in silence for a bit watching cartoons. "Ugh I'm hungry oh let's go to the store or mall even." Kiki said. "Why do you want to go to the mall?" I asked with a blanket on Niall and I he held me tightly. "Well I dont know we just haven't been there in a while and maybe we just need the boys to like bond or what ever guys do but we need to get out." Kiki said " But I'm so comfortable right here with my Niall." I said snuggling it was way cold in my house I'm pretty sure Niall fell asleep. "Ok fine lets go." I said trying to get out of Niall's grip. I finally did and slipped on some shoes at the moment I really didn't care whose they were.  [Niall] I kinda fell asleep when Dannie was sitting on my lap. When I woke up all the gurls were gone. So were my shoes. Ok well that's weird. "Where are the gurls? And my shoes?" I asked questioningly. "Mall. Dannie." They all said unison well then. Just then there was a knock on the door it was Kiki's boyfriend. What was his name. Chris! I knew I would remember. He walked in and sat not the couch. Ugh I don't know what time it is. Wait Dannie took my shoes. Why? That's so weird. She's weird and adorable. Well now I know we wear the same size.     I still can't believe she said yes and that I was her first kiss. Wow that's amazing I'm so.... .just..... Amazed. "What are you thinking about mate?" Zayn said. I shook my head "Just Dannie." I replied "hey Dannie has a wii do you think that she'd let us play?" Chris said interrupting my thoughts. "I'll text her If you want." I said taking my phone out of my pocket. <Babe can we play on your wii?> <yea. I think you need to put the tv on channel one> <ok thanks Dannie I love you><awe Ni you're so cute love you too :D> [Dannie] Kiki Cassi and I went to the mall. I have no I idea why. While Kiki was driving I got a text from Niall. He asked if they can play my wii. Then he said he loved me awe he's adorable I love him so much. As I read the text I started smiling. "Awe thinking about Niall? You and him are the freaking cutest couple I swear." Cassi said I nodded with agreement not really hearing what she was saying. We got to the mall and Michelle was there. Ok something was being planned and I just didn't know about it. Just then I got a phone call. From my grandma.  M. Hey Dannie I just saw the weirdest thing. The blonde kid has a twitter and just a few minutes ago my friends daughter saw Hs post saying | I'm the happiest person alive. With my new girlfriend Danielle. Wow she's so gorgeous and I love her so much! | Me. Awe really he's so cute. Yeah we are dating. Is that ok?  M. Of coarse you've never had a boyfriend before and he's cute. Just make sure he doesn't hurt you ok? Me. I know but I have to go ill call you later k love you bye.  I hung up. We got inside when Todd Michelle's boyfriend met us at sports authority. Wow I realized all of my friends have boyfriends. Well and now I do too. We walked around the mall for a while when we walked into Deb. oh I see they brought me here to shop for a prom dress. Well might as well make the most out of it. They shoved me into dressing rooms with a bunch of dresses. I tried on black,  white,orange and red dresses. I finally tried on a light blue strapless dress. I think I found the perfect prom dress. I walked out of the dressing room. I got approving nods from people across the mall. I went and got changed back to my original dress we paid and left. We got to the car talking about prom which was only six days away. I got a text from Niall. <Hey baby when you get home I think we need to have our first date. ;) I<3Dannie> <ooh you little flirt. Ok what do you suggest we do? Niall'sMine<3> <well we will have to see when you get here. I like your closing text I<3Dannie> <ok I'll be home in a bit and I like yours too baby. Niall'sMine<3> <ok sweet heart ill see you when you get back. I'm going to stop texting you cos I miss you and I want to hold you when you get home  :p I love you I<3Dannie> I didn't reply because I wanted him to ask me questions when I got home. First date huh. Well I'm Glad I was with Niall. "Ellie and Niall sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g." Kiki and Cassidy yelled. I jumped at their  excitement. I don't get why they were so excited for me I mean they have boyfriends too but still they are such dorks. But I love them.  I walked in to my house and saw Niall standing with a rose in his hand. I immediately put my hands over my mouth.
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