Guitar Strings

I'm Dannie I just met Niall but I love him. We go on a date and start to date. But is it worth it? Will he be there for me? Will we break up or live happily ever after? If those exist.


1. Chapter One

I walked home like I do everyday from school. There was one thing on my mind-fear. I had no idea why but it felt different things. Today I felt like there was something waiting for me. Something good. Does that sound weird? Thoughts were going through my mind but it was like I couldn't interpret them. I stopped walking my phone started to vibrate it was my friend Kiki.   

Kiki: hey you want to come over? I can see you walking. 

Me: Yeah why not lemme drop my stuff off at home and ill be over k? And I need to talk to you about something

Kiki : ok sounds good bye xx

Me: mkay bye xxxx       I was just about to my house when a car pulled up, up thet street and then four more cars in the four scattered houses beside the first. Boys got out a blonde, two brunettes but one had shaved his hair, a black haired one, and one with curly hair. Then what looked like their moms got out of the car walking inside. They all grabbed boxes from there cars. I noticed I was staring then the one with black hair and the one with curly hair looked over at me. I immediately turned to run in side. I ran up the stairs, then turned back to see if anyone was still watching me.

They still were I stood up and grabbed the door knob my door was locked. But instead of noticing what I was doing I just looked at the boys and when I tried running inside but the door was still locked and I ended up hitting my face on the door. Ouch. I backed up hoping no one saw. I grabbed my keys with one hand and holding my head with the other. I walked in side "hello mamaw papa?" No answer okay then. I grabbed a sticky note writing were I was going.  ~Hey I'll be at Kiki's for a while. - Dannie   I put it on the table where I was sure It'd be seen. I dropped my bag pack (it's not a purse but I carry all my stuff in it for school so yeah). I looked in the mirror wondering if I should change or not I decided not to but I did need to fix my makeup since I know what we were going to be doing. I finished and walked out the door.    I walked back in forgetting something. I heard someone knock on the door I spun around it was the curly haired boy. I looked at him he was quite handsome. "Hi I'm Harry." he said with a thick British accent. He took my hand and kissed it "Hi I'm Danielle but you can call me Dannie." I said. "Aha the beautiful girl has a beautiful name." He said I couldn't help but smile. "I just moved here with my mum my friends and their mums and we were wondering if you could show us around town?" He asked curiously. "Yeah we could go now if you guys want." " Oh no we can do it another time if you want." "Harry it's fine I have to go into town any way it's not a problem." He nodded we walked out my door heading to their houses.    "Oh Dannie is your head okay I saw you hit it earlier?" I giggle and replied " Yea that actually happens a lot." He smiled we reached the houses. "Zayn, Louis Liam Niall come down here!" Harry yelled as we walked inside a house. Three boys came down and stared. They were all very handsome like Harry. "H-Harry whos this?" The one with black hair asked. I smiled looking at Harry "Boys this is Dannie. Dannie this is Louis Liam Zayn and- wait where is Niall?" Harry asked. "Oh he's at his house. He said he'd be other in a bit he just had to finish unpacking his clothes." The one named Liam said. I shook each one of there hands looking them straight in the eyes. I smiled returning to Harry. "Harold you and your friends need to run- well who is this beautiful young lady?" She asked gesturing toward me. I smiled looking to the floor. "Dannie this is my mum Anne. Mum this is Dannie." "Harry we just got here and you've already have a gorgeous girlfriend."" No mum we just met she's not my girlfriend. But she is gorgeous isn't she?" Everyone in the room was nodding I smiled wide. It hurt my lips but I couldn't stop.    "Hey lads I'm here holy who is this beautiful girl?" He asked looking at me "Niall this is Dannie she's going to show us around town." Niall nodded walking up to me he grabbed my hand and kissed it. "I like it here my hands are getting kissed like I'm a princess. And I get called pretty." I said giggling. "Mum we are going with Dannie see you in a couple hours." Harry said as we walked out the door. "Oh I have to go to a friends really fast she is going to come with us." I said checking my phone. "Okay." Liam said   we started walking up the street. "So boys tell me about yourselves." I said backward walking like a ninja. "Ok I'm Louis Tomlinson I'm from Doncaster. Um I live with my mom until i can find a house here I'm 18 and I already love this town." Louis said shrugging. I nodded approvingly "I'm Zayn Malik I moved here from Bradford. I'm 17 and I like being with you." Zayn smiled I blushed looking down. "Thanks I don't think anyone has ever enjoyed my presence before." I said tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. "I'm Liam Payne I was born in Wolverhampton. I'm also 17. And I like you you're nice and uh pretty. I smiled. "Thank you Liam." "You act like you've never been called pretty before." Liam said. "No I haven't unless by family counts I'm not well noticed in school. Or anywhere for that matter." "Everyone who thinks Dannie is pretty raise your hand." Liam said to the boys. Everyone raised their hands. "Thanks. Anyway go on." I replied blushing badly but still walking. "Uh I'm Harry Styles I'm from Cheshire I'm 16. And I think we will get on really well." I smiled Harry nudged Niall. He was very attractive. They all were but something about him stood out. But I couldn't put my finger on it. "Oh sorry I'm Niall Horan I'm 16. I'm from Mullingar  Ireland and I uh I don't know I'll have to get back to you on that." Niall said he had an Irish accent. It was way cute. "Fair enough." I said    we arrived at Kiki's   I knocked. She opened the door and hugged me. "Hello to you to." I giggled "Are you ready to go Dannie?" "Um yeah but there has been a slight change." I said walking down her stairs. "And that is?" She asked slowing her walk. "Hey Dannie how old are you?" Niall yelled from behind Kiki's dads car. "Who is that?" She asked walking around me. "Boys this is Kiki. Kiki this is Niall Harry Louis Liam and Zayn. Is it ok if we show them around town?" I asked worried at her reaction. "Of course did they just move here?" "Yup and its cool cause there is no one hot here." I whispered to her. She smiled and pointed at me understandingly.    We started walking. We came to alco a grocery store. I felt like a tour guide all confident. But when Niall came near me I felt like I was going to collapse. I wasn't really sure if he was interested or not so I tried to ignore it. My phone rang. It was my grandmother    Mamaw: Dannie were are yo- oh never mind I see your note.  Me: Actually mamaw I'm showing these boys who just moved here around town. If that's okay.  Mamaw: boys how many? How old are they? What's their names? Are they cute? Me: mamaw stop it if you must know there are 5. Um 18,17,17,16,16. Louis Liam Zayn Harry and Niall. And ooooh yeah they are Mamaw oooh I'm telling your dad when he gets off of work  Me that is just mean we are friends and I told you I'm showing them around town.  Mamaw ok well I see you home in a few hours. Bye   I hung up "Your phone is loud we heard your "secret" conversation." Louis said air quoting secret. I looked up to the sky. Oops. "So you think we are cute?" Harry asked smirking. "Ehh" I said "your mean I'm fabulous." Louis said posing. "I'm just kidding." I said laughing. "Ooh Dannie's got a crush on the boys from the UK." Kiki said tauntingly. I could punch her for putting me on the spot but I chose not to. But I could've. "Dude." I whined. "Oh you know it's true." Niall said cooing. "Maybe but I'm not gunna say who." I said sticking my tongue out at him. We started walking again I pointed out restaurants, gas stations, stores and lots of other places. We walked into a city market. Kiki and I went to the Starbucks inside. "It's Niall isn't it?" Kiki asked while I was paying."what's Niall." "D you know what I mean you like Niall don't you?" "Yes I do there is just something about him." I said explaining what I felt.    "Well well well if it isn't goth girl and her peppy little friend." I voice said. I know who it was. This girl Crystal she has bullied me for no reason ever since my mom died. I don't get why everyone says I'm goth I don't wear dark clothes or dark make up. I turned around seeing her about a foot away from me. "What do you want Crystal?" I asked with anger. "Oh you know checking to see if you were going to get Starbucks today cos that's what besties do they check up on each other. You are going to regret wearing a pretty shirt." "Regret wearin-" I didn't finish my sentence see had taken my coffee pouring it on my shirt. It was scorching. I let out a whimper and fell to the ground then she took Kiki's coffee and poured it on me. I'm pretty sure hers was hotter than mine. I cried in pain Kiki was helping me up "Leave her alone!" We heard a yell from five feet away. It was Harry. The boys ran to my aid helping me up. "Ooh aren't you cute?" Crystal said to Harry Niall stood up and said "Why on earth would you do that she didn't do anything to you. She was standing there. You had absolutely no right to do that to Dannie!" He yelled she only pouted "Awe Dannie is this your boyfriend. If he is he won't be for long. He will be mine. Oh I have to run I have to meet Julianna for a hair appointment. Tootles. Oh and Dannie maybe you should work on your boy skills. She laughed walking away out of the store. I was burned from my chest to my lower stomach. I had no feeling but pain. Niall turned and walked over to me. "Dannie are you ok what was that all about?" Niall said. "I'm fine just a bit burned that's all. I'm not sure what her problem is." I said sniffing. Niall looked at me like he wanted to just snap her in half. "Thank you Niall for sticking up for me." I said giving him a hug as I stood up he held me tight but not tight enough to hurt me. "Dannie I'm sorry I should have hit her when I had the chance." Kiki said hugging me after Niall "No Kiki I'm fine really." I said assuringly. We walked back home in silence I stood by Niall. "Hey thanks again for sticking up for me back there." I said walking slower. "Dannie stop thanking me it was the least I could do. I mean I didn't want you to be hurt." He said slowing as well   We finally got to my house. "Dannie Kiki thanks for showing us around town. We had fun well up to the coffee part but we really enjoyed it." Zayn said hugging me. "Hey no problem maybe we can all hang out some time again." I said hugging Liam and Louis. "Maybe tomorrow we can go bowling." Kiki said. "Um Kiki you know I don't know how to bowl." I said "We could teach you come on babe it'll be fun." Niall said reaching to hug me. "Yeah and then we can go get lce cream or something." Harry said I was hugging Niall I let go smiling. I nodded."Ok we go bowling tomorrow." I took Harry in a hug he whispered "Dannie don't let them put you down I can already tell that she was jealous of you. And it's not right for you to put up with it. I'm so sorry. I'll see you tomorrow." He kissed my cheek then let go. I nodded they walked back to there houses. Kiki and I went inside and fell on the couch. "That was a pretty long hug Dannie." My grandma said walking in the living room. I rolled my eyes and went to my room Kiki followed. We sat on my bed. "Dude I think he likes you." She said after a while. "Who likes me?" I asked curiously. She didn't say anything I sighed and left the room. I needed chocolate milk. I opened the fridge and grabbed a cup. My stomach was hurting from the burns I tried to ignore. I looked up at the cloak 10:48. Wow how long was i out? Kiki came to the kitchen. "Can I spend the night my parents are going out." She asked looking at her phone. "You got clothes?" I asked swallowing. She shook her head. "K you can borrow some of mine. If you want." I said standing up. She nodded I pulled up my shirt and my stomach was dark purple. From the burns. I hope it'll be better before tomorrow. There was a knock I pulled my shirt down walking to the door. "Chris! What are you doing here?" I asked hugging one of my besties. Jk he hates me. "Oh I came to see Kiki but she wasn't at home so I figured she was here." Chris said coming inside. "Hey cutie what are you doing?" Kiki said walking to Chris. He kissed her forever. I felt like a loner. All single and crap. I didn't like that feeling but I was used to it. When the finally surfaced Chris said. "I missed my girlfriend so I thought I'd stop by for a bit." I nodded. Kiki and I got in to pjs and made cotton candy when Chris left Kiki was eating cotton candy. "Wait so when did you two start dating?" I asked trying to breath through the cotton candy. "Um like three weeks ago." "Oh wow where was I?" " Um I think it was when you went to Nevada or something." "Oh yeah huh? So who asked who?" "He asked me he said he liked me since 7th grade but he was afraid to date." "Oh so he waited five years to ask you that's kinda weird? But I guess he gets more freedom from his mom." I said she sighed before she replied "Yeah but it sucks cause I don't see him this much he's always with the basketball team. Traveling everywhere." I nodded then said "Basketball ends next month doesn't it cause it stops like a month in a half before school ends. Speaking of school we have. Four day weekend!" I said trying to cheer Kiki up. She smiled wide. What was she thinking? "Oh my gosh Dannie I wonder if the Brits are going to school with us? That would be so cool. Well except for the fact that they are hot and all the popular girls will be all over them." She said excitedly. "Well before we came to your house they all said they liked me. So it doesn't seem like they're standards are very high. But we are all friends so I doubt they will leave our sides."  I said cleaning up that cotton candy machine. "What are you talking about D you're gorgeous their standards are high for you." "What ever Kiki your prettier than I am. You have a boyfriend even if it is Chris." She rolled her eyes playfully and we got into bed. I heard my phone ring. It was a text from my other bestie Cassidy. And it said.  -Dannie what are you going to do tomorrow me and Tyson want to come hang out with you if that's okay. Txt me when you get this k?  ~Cassimygurll~ - Oh no I didn't tell her about the boys yet. -Uh hey Cass me Kiki and my friends that are guys that just moved her are going to go bowling you can come if you want. And before you ask they are hot but you're dating Tyson. And they are in our grade they are my besties besides you Kiki Phillip and Cade and JC- ~DannieBaby~  -Oh you know me so well okay well me and Tyson will come by around noon k~Cassiismygurl~ -sounds good sweetie ~DannieBaby~- I locked my phone and went to sleep.

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