Story of My Life


1. The Diner

 Eleanor's P.O.V.

 I rolled over in my bed feeling tired, I didn't want to open my eyes. I was having the best dream, could it just come back, if I kept them closed long enough... know it was gone, and it wasn't coming back. I rolled onto my back, and kicked the duvet cover down to the end of my bed, stretching my limbs, and yawning, I sat up,  it felt so good. I picked up my phone swiped the screen 5 new messages 3 missed calls.

5 new messages from Harry Styles

3 missed calls from Harry Styles


 I giggled "Harry".

I got up, walked to my dresser and pulled out a pair of lace undies with a matching bra. I took my shirt of pulling it over my head, and throwing it in the drawer below, I but my bra on, I took my undies off, and put the new ones on. I found a black bandeau and a floral crop top, then white shorts, and a white sweater a pair  of sandals and a hand bag. I sat on my bed while I put the sandals on then I grabbed my phone, I walked in to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I put  some makeup on, I decided to look at Harry's messages.

From: Harry Styles

Baby I need to talk to you. I'm so sorry.

From: Harry Styles

Baby my bed feels so lonely without you in it.

From: Harry Styles

Baby call me.

From: Harry Styles

Baby text me where are you?

From : Harry Styles

Baby I'm getting worried, where are you?

Too: Harry Styles

Oh Hass I'm so sorry I just needed some time alone. Please forgive me?

From: Harry Styles

Thank god your alright. I will for give you<3 I love you so much, it hurts me to be so far away from you.

Too: Harry Styles

Hass meet the Diner for breakfast;)

I smiled...




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