Kidnapped by One Direction

Alice is walking down a street when she hears footsteps. Oh no. She is kidnapped. But by who, and what do they want with her?

(Horrible blurb, I know but plz still read)


8. relief and goodbye

Lizzie (doctor) pov

We took this patient into a bed and treated her. Then 5 boys, who said to be her best friends, rushed in.

"How did this happen?" I asked, typing on the computer. She wasn't dead, she was just knocked out.

"Experiment." The blonde one said.

"Right. Okay, she is just knocked out. You can take her tomorrow."

They all cheered.

Then a man and a woman who looked like the paitent walked in.

"Alice! Where is she?" The woman shouted. That was probably her mum.

I stepped forward.

"Ma'am, your daughter is fine, she's just over there." I said, pointing to Alice.

She woke up.

"Mum? Dad! I missed you! I was caught up in this um, ...experiencing and I couldn't contact you! I missed you so much." She said, trying to get up.

"Uh, don't try to get up. You are still a little weak, rest." I said.

She smiled and nodded.

"Are you done the experiment?" Her mum asked.

"Well, yes. She is. But we may want her to pop in from time to time. We will miss her!" The curly hair boy smiled and winked at the paitent.

*2 days later*

Alice's p.o.v.

I am at my house right now, and I just got out of the car. My mum told me that since I did a 'college experiment' I didn't have to go to school. Haha she has no idea.

Niall, Louis and Harry walked me to the door. Liam and zayn said goodbye and stayed behind.

Niall hugged me and whispered in my ear,

"I love you, Alice. I always will. Louis and Harry do too. We've been fighting for you."

"I love you all in that way too. I can't just choose one- I will miss you." I said. Then he kissed my cheek. Then Harry came and hugged me.

"I know you didn't see or hear much of me, but I'll miss you and I love you." He kissed me the cheek, for longer and closer to my lips and I giggled.

"Bye Harry."

Then Louis. No talk, just a long, paitionitte kiss. On the lips.

"No fair." Harry and Niall mumbled like little kids.

I giggled. "Bye, Louis."

I'll miss them. Forever and ever. I was kidnaped by One Direction.


(A/N yes this is the end! I hope you enjoyed this Movella, and comment if you want a sequel! Byyeee!)

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