Kidnapped by One Direction

Alice is walking down a street when she hears footsteps. Oh no. She is kidnapped. But by who, and what do they want with her?

(Horrible blurb, I know but plz still read)


6. busy

Alice's p.o.v.

Max came in at 10:00pm last night saying I didn't have to make dinner that night. Great!

I fell asleep.

Then I woke up. It was 3:30am! Oh crap I needed to make breakfast. But first, I got out my phone. I texted Niall.

Nialler I already hate it. Can you pick me up? Secretly?

I sent it put down the phone, because I heard someone coming. Max! The phone slid under the cell door.

"Ah, what do we have here? Trying to call for help?" He smirked. Then he picked up my phone.

"Ooh- it seems you just got busted." He smiled. That's because his phone beeped. He smiled so happily and shouted 'Yes!' over and over again. Then he smashed my phone against the wall! It broke into pieces. I started crying.

"How do you like that, huh? Oh and, make room, we are expecting company." Max smirked.

I got up and whipped away tears.

Louis p.o.v.

Niall got caught trying to save Alice. Not just that, me too. Zayn wasn't happy. He was sooooo mad, but Liam was worse. He made us text Max ourselves, and to tell him that we would (more like Liam and zayn, we are all billionaires) would give him 50 million dollars to have me and niall as a slave FOREVER. They were so mad. What about the band?! I had never seen either of them like this before. Zayn was only ever mad when acting to scare Alice. That was it. Liam literally drives us all the way to Max's place in silence. Then he walked in with a $51 million dollar check (1 million tip) and holding us.

Alice's p.o.v.

I heard nialls voice! And Louis! They were going to save me! But then,

"You two will never be forgiven. Max, feel free to use then for whatever, whenever. And if they don't co-operate." He paused, "let me know."

Then I heard rustling of paper, then Max celebrating, then tires screeching. Then I saw them. I stopped making breakfast, and went over to the edge of the cell. Niall and Louis. Their dissapointed faces. Sadness and anger filled me. Max unlocked the door, told THEM the rules and gave them their daily sceduele. Then he threw them in, and locked it.

Niall's p.o.v.

After Alice apologized for the 10 billionth time and we told her it wasn't her fault for the tenth billionth time, we talked a lot. She worked while we talked to her. We helped her for a bit, but then she said it's ok. She was actually really nice and funny. She told me about her family and sister, how they would be so worried. I felt horrid we had done this.

Then we looked at our schedule - we started tomorrow. Louis was lucky. I was not. I was the dirty slave with Alice, but Louis was the charming butler. All he did was shop for himself, (his on clothes, accessories, hats, food, drinks.) and also help at dinners. Max wanted his friends to think he was good, and gave Louis a half a million dollars to spend, as he would be the evening party servant/staff/butler. Louis said he would buy us food and water, since all max did for us is give us half a bottle to share each day and a piece of slightly chewn stale bread.

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