Meet kayla. She is 21. Has brown hair with blond highlights. When kayla goes to tofino for vacation, she finds more then the perfect wave.

(Louis and niall fan fic. Yes there famous in this story)


1. The wink

Hi Im kayla. Im 21 years old. I have brown hair with blond highlights. Im going for vacation in tofino, today, right now, so, SEE YOU AT THE BEACH!


We finaly pulled in the parking lot of the resort. "FINALY!" I rolled my eyes as my besties all got out of the car all dramaticly like thay had never stood before. I laughed my head off. "Guys you look like you've mever put your foot anywere!" We all broke out into laughter. "Ya well it feels like I've never SEEN the ground before!" She rubbed her leggs, we all giggled. "Im gunna go check us in ok?" "Ok." And off when liz. "And im gunna get the lugage out of the car." "And ill help you!" Off when chelsa and rhylee. So now, I was alone. I went and sat  on a bench to wait, when I saw limow come into the parking lot. As I watched the doors open, I saw 5 boys walk out. I couldn't believe my eyes! It was  one direction! As niall was getting out I saw him look at me, and wink! He must have dust in his eye. I thought to myself, not letting the thought that I was wrong slip out of my mind. As soon as the boys dissapeard my friends all came back. "Hey kayla anything cool happen well we were gone?" Chelsa butted in. "Probably not, since I wasn't there!" We giggled. Finaly I answerd "nope, just me and my hotness!" We burst out laughing and I thought I saw niall out of the corner of my eye, ya sure one of the hotest boys in the world was staring at me, HA!

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