Just Once

Caitlyn has had a good life; it wasn't bad, but it wasn't always good. She got into the college she had dreamed of going to since eighth grade, good friends, good dream, she has a boy chasing after (but she is clueless), decent job. The only thing she is missing is: a boy to share it with.


1. Paragraph 1

     As I stepped into the small, cozy coffee shop, I removed my scarf and sunglasses. Pausing at the doorway, I looked around for my friends. When I finally found them, I walked over to them. Once I was about a foot away, my best friend, Megan, got up and said in her greeting voice (faux-British accent), "Caitlyn! Darling, how are you?"

In response, I said, "Just because you go to Julliard for that voice of yours, does not mean you have to use that horrendously fake accent."

"Well that's Caitlyn for ya!" Our long time friend Luke butted in.

"And what do you mean by that?" I questioned.

"I believe," Megan's long-term boyfriend, Nik started, "our little friend Luke here, meant that you brutal honesty has now replaced your greetings."

"Hmm, I suppose that you could be correct. I am dearly and truly sorry." I exclaimed replacing my scarf and sunglasses onto the table and pulled a chair to the table where my friends all sat.

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