Slayer Love

This is a Buffy fanfic. This is my first time writing one. So please don't judge to harshly. Feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
Buffy and Faith doing their slayer duties. Then Buffy discovers something surprising but can she handle it?


1. Faith

We were patrolling the night she told me. I had just slayed this nasty vamp. While she was beating one to a bloody pulp before actually staking it. She had an odd way of doing this, but it intrigued me.

"Killing, always get me worked up, B!" She said to me, just like every other night we patrolled together. She once said killing vampires and demons made her hungry and horny. I understood the hungry part, not the horny part.

"I know, Faith." She grabbed my hand into hers.

"You want to go to the Bronze?" I rolled my eyes and smirked. She always had a way of talking me into things. I don't know why, there was Just something about her.

"Okay", I replied.

So off to the bronze we went; slaying demons and vampires along the way. When we finally got there, we danced and danced. Once we got tired we sat down at the booth area there. I just admired her as she spoke to me. I loved her hair it was a medium brown with a red tint to it, full of body and framed her face very well. Her lips were full and nicely shaped for my liking. She had gorgeous brown eyes. It's funny how when I first met her she got under my skin so badly, but after a while she grows on you.

"hey guys!" I turned around to see my two best friends. I happily say back "willow, Xander! What's up?"

"Xander and I came here tonight to watch oz play, because my boyfriend is-" willow started but was cut off by faith. "In a band?"

Willow seemed annoyed not realizing Faith was joking.

"Faith, how are you?" Xander asked.

"Oh ya know, five by five" Faith said with a smile. She loved saying that. No one quite understood it other than me. She was saying that she was whole. Good. Alive. It made sense to me.

"Oh! He's done. I'm going to," willow said while gesturing her hands toward the stage.

"You go be with Oz, will." I replied.

Faith then turned to me and looked me right in the eyes. She put my hand inbetween both of hers. "There is something I need to tell you, B." I was fascinated by the way she was acting. It wasn't normal. I knew this was something serious.

"I'm all ears." I replied with a big smile, but as she started to speak willow came over to brag on oz. I love how she always did that. It was adorable. Then Faith asked me if we could go outside. I nodded. While walking outside we saw a girl running and screaming. She was being chased by several vampires. We were dusting them. But there was so many we had to run. We ran until we finally lost them. We then decided to continue on to Faith's apartment. She grabbed my hand as we continued to walk the rest the way. Then she turned to me again. "Look B, I really-" then there was a loud bang from a head. That same girl being thrown around by a mugger. We beat the mugger up and sent him running. The girl thanked us and took off. Then we continued on. Once we finally got to her apartment she offers me food and a drink. I accepted and we sat on her bed after eating. She put part of my hair behind my ear and said "Buffy, I know I'm usually not one for mush and I usually don't get close to people so I don't get hurt,but..there is something about you that makes me willing to take that risk. I care about you a lot. You're beautiful,amazing,you make me smile when I don't even want to. Buffy. I am in love with you."

I sat there in shock I was trying to take this all in. Maybe that's what made me so intrigued by her. Maybe we were soulmates. Maybe I love her no, I DID love her too and she HAD to know. I put my hands on either side of her face and pressed my lips softly against hers and then told her, "I am too." She smiled real big and kissed me again.

-I will add more once I get some feedback.-

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