Teenage Dirtbag (15+)

Hey I'm Noelle Dawn Gaspar. I'm 18 years old. YES FINALLY! Im a legal adult and can finally take care of my own damn ass. I'm from Bradford, England. Yes I'm a fan of one direction.
I hate people though. Every time I go to their concerts I stay in the front where they let you have a little space. Oh yeah i have an annoying little sister. She's 17. Her names Lizette Christina.
She's the girly one.... I'm the one where if you touch me.

I'll kick your ass!


13. What the hell? (Louis POV)

I walked to my first class trying to avoid Liam at all costs. I saw Noelle with him at lunch with her. She didn't look happy. She got up and walked away and Liam looked pissed. I walked up to him and asked him what was wrong ha answered with "I'm gonna kill your little friend." He growled. I looked away from him and got up and walked away. I think Noelle and Liam are single now..... Oh shit...
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