I Miss You

Kaitlynn and Ashton have been through hell and back in the seven years they've known each other. Especially since they started dating four months ago. Kaitlynn is a solo artist, Ashton's in a band. Some of Kaitlynn's fans don't like them together, some of Ashton's fans don't like them together, but the rest of their fans love them together. The fans who don't ship 'Ashlynn' say they liked them better as friends, but the shippers of 'Ashlynn' are saying they don't care as long as Kaitlynn and Ashton are happy. When she gets offered to go tour with a band, of all boys, and he starts his UK tour with Five Seconds Of Summer, she accepts it. But what will happen when Ashton gets jealous of how close Kaitlynn gets to one of them?


6. Chapter Four

It's the time we're so crazy,

people think we're high.

It's time we've laughed so hard,

we can't help but cry.

It's all the inside jokes,

and the "remember whens". 

Those are all the reasons,

that we're best friends.



"So, what is this important news you have to tell us?" Ink, my older sister, asked. 


"Yeah, come on! I wanna know." Andrew, our older brother, whined. 


"Weeeell, I'm going on tour with Pierce The Veil!" I smiled wide. 


"WHAT?!" Ink yelled. 


"No way!" Andrew smiled. 


"Yes, way." I giggled. 


"That's amazing! When?" Ink asked. 


"Next week." I told them. 


"Does Ashton know?" Andrew asked. 


"Yeah, him and the boys are starting their UK tour the same day I leave anyway." I nodded. 


"Well, at least the both of you won't be bored to death when you guys leave." Ink pointed out.


"True, and it won't be as hard to say goodbye." Andrew added.

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